What Are The Biggest Drivers Of Online Traffic In 2023?

What Are The Biggest Drivers Of Online Traffic In 2023?

In 2023, the internet is an essential part of our daily lives. The internet has become crucial to our daily routine, although we can do many tasks without it. Any disruption, such as network connectivity issues, can be frustrating and cause feelings of agitation.

In fact, the importance of the internet in a human’s daily life has been described by some as being required to be one of the essential elements of Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs pyramid. It has been argued that if the famous concept was to be modernized, it would be included at the very bottom.

What are the main reasons for us to keep using the internet? What are the leading factors behind online traffic by 2023?


The internet has enhanced the enjoyment of gaming, which is a popular pastime worldwide. With a wide selection of games available, we can socialize and compete with other players while playing.

Whether it be a traditional console game, or even an iGaming title available on the sites listed among those on the best American casino review platform, a lot of online traffic in 2023 is focused on gaming.

Video streaming

Video streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and many others that are available have become huge hits for people who use the internet regularly, as it means they are able to enjoy a form of entertainment whenever they want.

YouTube was the second-most visited website in March 2023, as it received billions of viewers. Video has become a great way for people to get entertainment when trying to unwind and relax, while it has also become very informative as it can help educate viewers across several aspects, too.

Search Engines

Everyone has heard of the saying “Google it” if you do not know the answer to something, and it seems most adopt that approach, too. When looking at online traffic, Google is the No. 1 visited webpage as people use it to find out whatever they need.

Although there are other search engines available, the Alphabet company’s Google brand has dominated this space and will likely continue to do so, especially as it has a global phrase. Baidu and Yahoo still rank very highly for internet traffic, though. Wikipedia is also visited regularly as a resource, too.

Social Media

Communication has evolved as the internet has continued to develop. Long gone are the days when we would use phones to make a call or send an SMS. The rise of social media platforms and internet-based instant messaging platforms have impacted the way that we communicate with friends.

According to data, Facebook (3rd), Twitter (4th), Instagram (5th), and WhatsApp (10th) are all ranked inside the top 10 for the most visited sites in March 2023, thus highlighting just how much online traffic is directed to social media platforms.

The Internet is highly important in daily lives.

The internet is clearly a highly important resource for the world’s population in our daily lives, hence why there is so much online traffic. Given that most of it is for entertainment purposes and keeping in touch with friends and family, as well as for acquiring knowledge, it is far from a surprise that much of the traffic heads to these types of sites.
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