Wix Review - Is Wix An Ideal Website Building Platform?

Wix Review - Is Wix An Ideal Website Building Platform?

Wix is a CMS platform you might have come across if you ever wanted to have your website. Wix is the most popular website platform because it is super easy to use. For various customers, Wix is the ideal cloud-based website builder. Wix helps you in creating an online store, set up a personal website, create a site for scheduling appointments, create a blog, and serve any other purpose. So, the first thing your customers are going to notice is your Wix Google reviews widget on your website.

To aspiring website owners, Wix has given the freedom from extravagant coding. To get started with a Wix website you don’t require separate hosting as it is a self-hosted solution. We will find out what Wix has to offer for its user and aspiring users in this Wix review. In this blog, we will be discussing Wix’s pros, cons, and features. Let’s get started!

Who Should Use Wix?

Wix is a website creator platform and domain host that allows anyone to create and host their website. To make the process quick and easy, it provides simple drag-and-drop templates. You can anywhere personalize the flexibility of moving items around and arranging them. For direct customer sales, design, and hosting, this platform provides services to process payments.

When it comes to having a cool and trendy appearance without going through a complex coding process, Wix is one of the best platforms. For your blogging, e-commerce business, or portfolio, Wix is quick and perfect. You can add Google reviews to Wix website to showcase the testimonials section of your business. When creating the platform, it feels like the company had customers in mind because Wix has perfectly curated design templates, specific themes, resources, and tools.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Wix Website:

There are so many options to suit your requirement when you select Wix as your CMS platform. Whether you are adding a reviews widget for your service-based business or a perfect template for your portfolio, you always have a unique choice to upscale your online presence because the design possibilities are endless here. To make the final decision, take a look at the pros and cons of Wix.

Advantages of Wix Website:

You can read the pros of using the Wix website below:

1. Easy-to-Use Interface: One of the major pros of Wix behind its major popularity is its ease of use. The drag-and-drop feature of Wix allows users to easily add images, videos, and content to their websites. To help you get an idea of tools and templates, the platform offers guidelines to its users. Wix lets your preview your mobile site so you’re sure that it is as good as the desktop version.

2. Lots of Templates: To help you build your website, Wix offers you more than 800 templates. To narrow down your options, Wix lets you sort and select templates by industry including photography, tourism, music, e-commerce, etc. To create your website this will take your minimum effort. To make the templates your own, you can change the site name, delete sections, edit content, and replace images.

3. Built-In Search Engine Optimization: To get your site in front of users, your website requires traffic and for traffic, the website needs search engine optimization. Wix has built-in SEO that helps you rank in the search engines; you just require to fill the keywords and metadata of your niche. To boost your site’s Google ranking, Wix lets you edit your URL format for each page.

4. Powerful Apps Market: For your website, the Wix review app market provides more than 500 apps. Social media feeds, contact forms, and e-commerce tools are included in these tools. Most of these apps are free to use and in a few minutes, you can add them to your website. Live chat, events bookings, blogging, newsletter, pop-ups, online ads, forums, etc. are the apps you can include.

5. Exceptional Support: While handling your Wix review website, in case you are having trouble or needed any help with tools, you can get help 24/7 from the Wix help center. They also provide customer support via mail, chat, and phone. Without any degradation of the user experience, your site can handle sudden rush in traffic as Wix also provides auto-scaling technology.

Disadvantages of Wix Website:

While considering the pros of Wix you should also consider the cons of it. For any business, there is no perfect CMS platform. Here are some cons of the Wix website:

1. Restricted Customization: Customization options are very few despite Wix offering a variety of templates. To make major changes to the design ad layout of their website, chances are very high that users may face trouble. After launching your Wix review widget, you can’t make any changes to the template.

2. Pricing: When it comes to choosing a CMS platform, pricing is yet another factor. Wix offers a free plan but to access more features, users need to upgrade to a premium plan. If users need to use third-party apps then the price of these plans can go up.

3. Slow Loading Time: Slow load time is the last thing an end user wants to experience for the website. It has been observed over the years that several Wix websites are slow. If the website has a lot of videos or images then Wix websites can be slow to load. Due to such build-ups, Wix gained a reputation for slow websites.

4. Limited Storage: Wix does not offer unlimited storage access to any website user regardless of any plan, they have chosen. For e-commerce websites, this limited storage can be a great deal. Compared to other platforms, Wix’s e-commerce features are limited.

5. Can’t Export Your Website: Even without a contract, Wix can lock you into a long-term commitment. Once you build a website on Wix you can’t transfer or export your website to another platform. This will create an issue for a growing startup but not a concern for a small business.
Final Note

After going through the above features, advantages, and disadvantages of Wix reviews, it is an excellent website builder platform for beginners. Due to the wide range of in-built business features, it is well suited to small businesses, bloggers, and freelancers. Wix is highly-functional, user-friendly, and provides excellent value for money.

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