How To Plan The Perfect Family Reunion In 5 Simple Steps

How To Plan The Perfect Family Reunion In 5 Simple Steps

Family is everything. However, as our family tree grows and expands, our loved ones may go different routes. This may result in us not seeing certain family members as often as we might like. That’s why they invented family reunions.

Don’t fret when it comes to hosting this special and grand event. Below are some simple steps to ensure you have the best family reunion possible.

1. Speak with the Family

First thing’s first: you need to consult your family before making any plans. Not everyone may be available or able to travel in the near future to attend your gathering. See what your family members think before putting any plans together. This is also the time to consider any special requests or accommodations they might have.

2. Agree on a Date

One of the most difficult parts about putting together a family reunion is agreeing on a date/time. Everyone these days leads a busy life. Some work, some have children in school, and others might have other circumstances like illness or another upcoming event that may interfere with an upcoming family reunion date. Keep this in mind when planning.

3. Come Up with a Budget

Family reunions can be quite large, so the last thing you’d want to do is not set a budget. Budgeting properly will ensure you don’t go broke after hosting the reunion. Be realistic about the budget when doing your research. At the same time, don’t be spending thousands of dollars to impress your family.

The best thing to do when your family reunion budget is tight is to cut costs on the decor (or no decor at all). Focus on the basics (e.g., chairs, tables, simple food), and the rest will come together. Feel free to have other family members pitch in too, and surely, they’ll be glad to.

4. Pick a Venue

Location is everything. You’re not only going to want to pick a location that’s within budget but also one that is accessible to all attendees as well as spacious enough for the number of guests.

The venue for a family reunion doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It can simply be in your backyard or at a nearby park.

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5. Get to Planning

Now that you have everything set in stone in terms of date, time, and location, it’s time to get to planning. Decide on a theme & dress code if there will be one, the food, any decorations, and forms of entertainment. Planning also will involve sending out invitations to family members giving plenty of notice before the reunion.


Planning a family reunion can be stressful. While simply seeing your loved ones after an extended time is going to make for a great time, you’re still going to want a well-organized and enjoyable reunion party. Following the above simple steps can help ensure a fantastic reunion your family will never forget.
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