How To Get Your Biography On InfoGuideAfrica.com

How To Get Your Biography On InfoGuideAfrica.com
It's very fine to be into something in this internet age, but it's always better to take yourself online.
Information Guide Africa has been working on hundreds of biographies for a while now, and every day we try our best to update our website with the biographies of artists, actors, entrepreneurs, politicians, religious leaders and so many others.

Most of those biographies were first published on our website and then spread to other related sites in a matter of weeks.
Thanks to the internet, you could be read by our over 200,000 monthly visitors who are eager to learn about the newest guy in town.
How To Get Your Biography On InfoGuideAfrica.com
Amazing isn't it? You'd also show up on Google, Bing and other top search engines when queries related to your name are entered.

Why Do You Need A Page On Information Guide Africa?

Well, aside the fact that it's fun to search for your name online and get something, there are a ton of other reasons why you need a biography on our website:

• You could be read by billions of internet users

Well, our articles are spread across over 10 content sharing platforms, and all these have unique visitors. Writing about you on our website would open the door to another set of opportunities, deals, endorsements and sales.
You would even notice a boost in your social media handles, as some of our biographies get over 100,000 views and you know what that means.

• Google, Bing, other search engines would know about you

No one is going to tell Google you exist except you do. As a politician, religious leader, entrepreneur or entertainer, you need to stop letting people see things about you that you do not have control over.
A positive result can go a long way into making you get more loyal followers.

• More money

Assuming you are an entrepreneur, an entertainer or anything else, you know that you do not need to have a limit to the number of people who know about you.
We could help you reach more people!

Who Needs A Biography On Information Guide Africa?

Anybody who needs exposure online. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a religious leader, a politician, an entertainer or even a record label owner looking to promote your artist.

How Can You Get Your Biography On Our Website?

You can go live on our website in the next few hours. All you need to do is:
Send an email to [email protected] or a WhatsApp message to +2349072979302 dropping the following details:
• Your full names (as you want it to appear) and stage names
• Two of your best photos, we would choose one to post your article with
• Your date of birth (this is optional, but it makes you stand out)
• What you do (maybe a singer, fashion designer, pastor, etc)
• A little description of around 100 words, we would edit it to suit our pattern.


Getting your biography on Information Guide Africa costs only ₦10,000. The biographies will be shared across all our social media platforms/partner sites for a wider reach.