Founded in 2017, Information Guide Africa is on a mission to expose to the Africans different information on which they have been denied access to for a while now. We are trying our best on enlightening the masses on different niches in life, for which they have due to the poor educational facilities available to us, the poor internet facilities and the poor academic background have been lacking for decades now.
The site was not built on a profit motivated motive, but as a platform to reach out to the masses quality and rich information concerning different issues in life. We want to make sure everyone is taken on this great ride with time and that we all advance with the world, which is rapidly going digital and advancing in technology.
We are providing quality and well researched information to our readers on a free-of-charge basis and our teams of authors are people who have given out themselves with the same aim as the founders to reach out to the under-developed regions of Africa.
We have also made opportunities for submission of articles and to bloggers to join our empowerment network. We want to make sure everyone who wants to reach out to the world is given a chance, and you can be an influence on a platter of gold.

Which Information Do We Supply?
We offer information base on what our readers want, since our readers are our writers. You are opportune to learn different things ranging from niches like fashion, health, politics, technology, culture, and internet and even to education.

Our Vision
Among all, our vision is to create a platform where people can log in on a daily basis to get answers to every question they can ever think of. We wish to talk about everything in life, so that people wouldn’t be deprived of rich and quality information again.

Our Mission
To provide the African’s rich and quality information which other sources have actually deliberately or in deliberately skipped giving them access to. The Africans are cherished and are the best, we deserve the best. Our skin is the best and we should be proud of it.

What Are We Doing?
We are creating awareness on the various social media platforms, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even forums like Nairaland and NCT. We are also available on the Free basics as a way to reach out to even more people who cannot afford quality internet access.
We need you to achieve these aims of ours and we are calling on everyone, male and female, normal and disables, singled and married, old and young, theist or atheist to submit their various information on different issues of life to enable them reach a more wider and targeted audience on a platter of gold.
We have been able to reach out to the nearly developed and developing countries of Africa like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and so on. However, our mission wouldn’t be complete unless we reach out to everyone everywhere the blacks reach out to.

We offer jobs to writers, mostly if you are based in the English-speaking parts of the continent. To find out more, please go here!

Join us on this ride, and we assure you of a safe landing.