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1] Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi:

Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi
From my name you can see I'm a full time dream chaser. A twin and born freelancer and music addict, I love giving out information. I'm also at the Imo State University with my twin and best friend, IB studying Nutrition and Dietetics. 
My hobbies include blogging, freelancing, reading novels and music. I write a lot of fictions and you can see them on my walls!

Catch up with me on: 
Instagram - TalkTalkTwins | Chimaizuobi
LinkedIn: Talk Talk Twins

2] Igbo Stanford Onyemaizuchi:

Igbo Stanford Onyemaizuchi
Mummy's son. I can talk for Africa...lol. I love career and fashion talks. I hate seeing jobless people and I can do anything to stop it. I'm also a student of Imo State University with my brothers IB and Clifford. 
My hobbies include surfing the net, movies and music. I also love editing pictures and doing graphic designs.
My Lappy Is My Bestie!

You can meet me on: 
Facebook - Stanford & TalkTalkTwins
Twitter - TalkTalkTwins | Onyemaizuchi
Instagram - TalkTalkTwins | Onyemaizuchi
LinkedIn: Talk Talk Twins

3] Oruwari Ibinabo Bright:

An ardent tech savvy individual and born freelancer. I'm presently studying Biochemistry at the Imo State University.

My hobbies include playing games and reading novels and I can finish any James Hardly Chase in two hours...Lol!

You can meet me on:
Instagram - bootstrap.ib
Facebook - Oruwari Ibinabo.

4] Jijo Thomas

Jijo Thomas

Being a professional marketing expert and part time assignment helper since a decade, associated with My Assignment Help UK. His Passion for writing about Education, Academic Career, Blogging, Marketing to help readers in all aspects related to these industries. In Addition to writing for Information Guide Africa, Jijo also provides assignment help and marketing tips. :)
Facebook - Jijo Thomas
Twitter - @thomasjijo1

These are major authors, but we have a team of regular guest authors and contributors from different countries of the world like India, Ghana, Pakistan, South Africa and the United States of America.