4 Amazing Ideas For Celebrating Your Grandparents’ Birthday Parties

Grandparents are the best parts of many people's childhoods- and a vital source of love and information when we're older. When their birthdays come, it's a healthy inspiration to celebrate them as much as possible. Unfortunately, because they're older, grandparents usually only get two types of parties. An oldies party, where they're reminded how old and out of touch everyone thinks they are or a simple party to sit down, talk and eat some cake. Their parties don't have to be like this, though!

It's possible to show how much you love them in a way that won't stun them without boring everyone to tears. Here’s how.

Recreate A Specific Day

Although this one has some nostalgia factors as the oldies party does, and you may need to hire on oldies singers to make it work- there's a difference! By basing it around a day that's special to them, instead of around the whole decade when they were born, you get to make it custom to them and show how much you care!

Find an old photo, or ask them about what some of their best memories are. If they loved fishing with their family as kids, have a fun fishing boat party and cookout. If your grandma loved her Sadie Hawkins dance or prom, you could recreate that too! Finding older pictures can help bring these days to life and inspire you.

Pamper Them!

Grandparents have gone through two generations of cleaning dirty diapers and hearing about troubles at school. They need a break! Help your grandma feel loved by throwing a pampering party for her! Whether you have a cute fake-sleepover party with facemasks or manicures, or go to a spa together, consider what you can do to make the day memorable for her. Treat her to her favorite foods, give her meaningful gifts, and let her know how important she is in your life.

Make Them Laugh!

Nothing makes people feel young, quite like laughing! A good laugh can shake out any nerves about getting older while having fun. You can take your grandparents to a comedy show, or hire a comedian with their sense of humor, and let them have fun with it! A little alcohol, and a lot of good food, can make this party even better.

If they don't like comedians, rent some of their favorite old comedies on Amazon- or stream them through a service like Hulu or Netflix, and create a night of laughter and fun. You’ll see the younger them that they were years ago come through, and they’ll get to start the next year of their life with a smile on their face.

Hold A Grand Birthday Party

Your grandparents deserve a grand birthday party after years of hard work, love, support, and kindness they brought to you and the world. So, holding a big event for them will surely be an unforgettable experience that they will treasure in their hearts forever.

Check out these fantastic tips when holding a grand birthday party for your grandparents:

Include Fun Activities

You can hold a lot of activities during your grandparents’ birthday party such as a talent show of grandchildren, family Q&A or other trivia games, a live concert, and many more. Think of creative ways to make the party more fun and exciting, like holding a group contest, dancing for all, cosplay, or wearing costumes.

Think Of A Memorable Theme

A ‘grand royal palace party’ theme is a good idea. Guests can wear their elegant gowns and tuxedos like kings and queens. The birthday celebrants serve as the king and queen of the night in the most extravagant costume, complete with a crown, cape, and scepter.

Make It A Family Reunion

A grand birthday party for grandparents can serve as a reunion party for the entire clan. Choose a London birthday party venue to hold this big event and think of a theme that will make it more memorable. Invite your grandparents’ close friends, your relatives, and other significant people in their lives.


The most important part of a party for grandparents is to find something that fits what they love. You can all go out with a large dinner and party for them, or do something as fun and simple as a cooking class with wine and laughter. Figure out what matches their personality, and then run with it! As long as they know how much they matter in your life, there’s no going wrong.
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