How To Prepare A Checklist When Moving Abroad

How To Prepare A Checklist When Moving Abroad

Almost every one of us has a dream to move abroad to study.

We want to be independent and financially stable and make our future shine. For many of us, this is a long way to go but to achieve this we need to keep our spirits high. 

To have a brilliant future we need to be very patient and should take our decisions keeping all the related aspects in our mind like how this will affect my future or will I be able to do this. Moving abroad for any reason whether a study or job is a life-changing step. It requires lots of planning and efforts to do this efficiently and effectively.
You have to go through many ups and downs, invest a lot, make many decisions like where to study, where to live, which academic course to choose, job process etc. Our parents are always worried about accommodation as this is the main reason to worry.
If we will have a comfortable stay or place to live, half of the problems get automatically solved.

There are thousands of things you need to decide while planning to shift abroad. It is easy to apply if you have good academic results, you can find a good college and decide an academic course you want to pursue but finding a studio or accommodation to live is a difficult task. 

There are many on-campus accommodation facilities available as well. And you choose according to your requirements and budget.
There is a lot of planning and decision-making involved while shifting to another place. To make a hassle-free journey, always prefer making a checklist a year before.
It includes lots of formalities and paper-work and is a hectic task.

Following are some of the steps you can follow to start a new life moving abroad:

Make your mind - This is a big decision, so it is very much important to be sure and ready to prepare yourself mentally. You need to keep in mind that you will face many obstacles in your way and it is not going to be easy. Once you prepare your mind and rigidly decide, you can go further.

Decide the study program – After making your mind, focus on which academic field you want to pursue. You can take help of your teacher or professionals for the same. Try to understand the scope of the study and know your interest. So think calmly before taking any decision. Try to Google it on the internet to get a clear picture of it.

Give language test - To move abroad, you need to give a language test. That language test will include official language score. Get yourself prepared and appear in those exams. The common language test is TOEFL, IELTS or PTE.

Prepare your application - Once you are done with all the above steps, prepare all the documentation. There are a lot of paper-work included and re-check every document before submitting it. Get your documents ready in advance to avoid any future issues. Set your reminders for the submission of the documents to be on the safe side.

Visa - Once you are done with documentation, you can apply for a visa. Every country has different criteria for giving visa based on the total numbers. They will consider you based on your academic results, language score, financial status etc.
Accommodation - Once you get your visa done, that means you are good to go. But before that, you need an en-suite for a comfortable stay. You will always want accommodation near your college or job place to avoid long travelling. If you are low on budget, you can go for shared apartments as well. Always choose a place in advance to avoid future problems. Also if seeking online help, do proper research and keep yourself away from rental scams.
Book your flight tickets - After all these things, you are just left with the tickets. Prefer to book your tickets 3-4 months prior or in advance. This will help you to get tickets at a reasonable price.

Packaging - Make a checklist of all the items you think you will require. Always carry a pillow, bedsheet, utensils and other necessary items as well. Also read all the guidelines related to travel bags about all the electronic devices or weight of your suitcase.
Checkup - Before leaving, visit your doctor for a regular checkup. Carry all your medications, if any with prescriptions.
Reach airport - Get a convenient method to reach airport which is hassle-free for a relaxing journey. You can visit a money exchange at the airport to get the currency exchanged. Get enough money exchanged to pay your basic expenses like cab expenses etc.

Always make sure to stay in touch with your agent to avoid the problems. You can contact them for anything you want and they will help to guide you for the same. Among these entire steps, the main thing is accommodation. 

Try to choose a comfortable stay for yourself. There are many websites available for your help which will provide you with private halls of residences if you have a good budget and want to live without any interference. You can also opt for a shared en-suite if you are on a low budget.

Before choosing any accommodation, consider some factors as follows:

• Set your budget
• Consider the location of your accommodation and your job or study place. Try to choose which have less distance to save on money and time.
• Go through the lease terms
• If in a dual occupancy studio, try to look for roommates with whom you can adjust
• Always look for accommodation in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.

All the above points will help you to choose a suitable student accommodation Manchester for yourself. A perfect accommodation will help you to stay calm, focus on the things you need to and will be pocket-friendly. 

Also, prefer making a checklist and consider the above points mentioned before moving abroad. This will help to make your future shiner and brighter.

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