How to Choose the Best Clinic for Your Hair Transplant

How to Choose the Best Clinic for Your Hair Transplant

That’s one of the biggest questions that needs answering soon after you’ve decided to get a hair transplant surgery. However, trying to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey is just a few clicks away in the digital age. Still, it’s not as easy. You could solely rely on online reviews from one platform, but that wouldn’t be the right thing to do as they are easy to manipulate. Did you know that there are websites dedicated to customer reviews that actually keep a check on the kind of reviews posted to ensure authenticity? If not, then you need to learn a little bit more. 

That’s because seeing your hair fall is hard enough, and when you finally decide to have a hair transplant, the burden of finding the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey can be just a little too much. In this guide, it is ensured that this weight is taken off your shoulders. You’ll come to find out the ideal clinic that you should go with and even learn about the profile of your surgeon performing the hair transplant. 

There’s no need to explain why finding the right clinic is important, especially if you’re residing in another country. All the information that you’ll need and get will be present on the internet, at least it should be. A good clinic understands the significance of developing a bond of trust with the patient. Therefore, they make sure to provide enough proof of their legitimacy online. Before you even read their reviews, it's their website that should exude professionalism. You’ll practically find everything that you need to know from there. Moreover, they’ll provide you with different options for proficient communication. 

Many times, it’s better to simply call the clinic to try and find out more about them. The way the staff communicates with potential patients reflects a lot about the organization. You can also get somewhat of an idea of their management and administration through that. However, other than that, these are some other ways through which you can find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. 

• Check their online reviews 

The importance of this step cannot be stressed enough. It is through reviews that you can find out the experiences of other clients of that clinic. You can get a pretty good idea of their staff and services. Also, you can learn the truth of a clinic’s “exceptional” services, as is usually claimed by a lot of them. Through reviews, you can get to know if a clinic is walking the walk. There are various platforms from where you should make sure to check a clinic out, such as Google, Trustpilot, and Realself, etc. 

• Check out their social media 

Social media is a huge part of many companies’ marketing efforts. These platforms are vigorously invested in. Some clinics try to buy followers or likes, which ultimately reflects on their lack of commitment to you. You need to see the pictures of the facilities, surgeons, and some previous patients of the clinic on their social media to find out if they’re truly good. You need to beware of social media accounts that have loads of followers but a low engagement rate. This shows that most of the followers are not real or relevant. Check out the number of likes and views on the posts and also find out when the clinic last posted anything. If it isn’t updated regularly, this certainly doesn’t say anything good about the company. 

A clinic shouldn’t have to spend money to buy followers on their social media just to prove their worth. If they’re good, people will come to them. Lastly, check some before and after videos of patients and their testimonials on the pages. 

• Make sure that the company is Registered and Official

When the company you’re going with is not registered in the place where you live, it’s not possible to take legal action. You might need it. For instance, if a complication arises after the surgery or the clinic refuses to provide you the aftercare that they explicitly promised. The clinic that you choose should be registered in Turkey as the Ministry of Health frequently checks these companies out to make sure that they’re following the hygiene and safety standards.

• Different payment options should be available 

You should be able to pay with your bank account or credit card without having to pay a transaction fee. If the clinic accepts cash and makes a discount while you’re paying cash, it means that since the monies will not go into their account officially, they won’t have to pay tax for this income (the biggest reason they’re asking for cash!). Because of this, they will also not give you a receipt or a statement to prove that they have received money from you. So, after you get back to your country, you won’t have any proof that you used this company for their services.

We advise you to consider these while you’re searching for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. There are plenty of different clinics however you can easily shortlist them using the tips we shared above. Take your time with the search, your health is the most important after all.

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