5 Things You Need To Know About Beautiful Ghanaian Police, Ama Serwaa Dufie

Ama Serwaa Dufie

Ama Serwaa Dufie will make you believe that the 'Police is Truly your Friend'. Everything, from her face to her physique will make you love her even the more. Guess what? You're not really the only person that loves her. She has been able to garner more than 50,000 Instagram followers in less than 1 year after joining the video-sharing app.

About Ama Serwaa Dufie:

Ama Serwaa Dufie's official biography isn't available yet, but we've been able to garner some information that will know her better. Join me as we ride and don't forget to share at the end of the article.
• Ama Serwaa Dufie's real name is Priscilla Serwaa Dufie (the tag in her police uniform reads as S.P. Dufie). She is currently station in the Wa area in the Upper West region.
Ama Serwaa Dufie profile

• Our queen celebrates her birthday on December 19. What are you gifting to her next year?
Ama Serwaa Dufie

• Ama Serwaa Dufie's real age isn't known, but yen.com.gh stated that she would be in her early 20s, considering her photos.
Ama Serwaa Dufie

• About her hometown, Dufie is a Bono lady who hails from Abesim, a town near the regional capital of Sunyani.
Ama Serwaa Dufie

• She is a graduate of the Sunyani Senior High School (SUSEC).
Ama Serwaa Dufie

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NOTE: All photos were gotten from her Instagram handle @ama_serwaa5. You can follow her for more.
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