Are Porcelain Veneers as Strong as Real Teeth?

Are Porcelain Veneers as Strong as Real Teeth?

There are a number of reasons why veneers Turkey have grown to become the world’s second most popular cosmetic dental treatment, and not least of all because they offer an aesthetically pleasing and natural look, completely indistinguishable from any other natural tooth.

Not only that though, but they’re also stain-resistant, can correct numerous issues that you may have with your teeth, and best of all, they’re incredibly strong and robust.

Our teeth have to put up with a lot of force as they go about their job each day, and any veneer that wasn’t able to endure years of biting and chewing wouldn’t exactly be doing anyone any favours. In spite of the fact that the porcelain the veneers are made from is incredibly thin—thinner than 1mm, in fact—it’s incredibly sturdy, and can last for up to 20 years if cared for properly. As success rates for cosmetic dentistry go, porcelain veneers sit way up at the top, with 95% of all fitted veneers lasting for more than 10 years, and 83% lasting at least 20.

How are Veneers so Strong When They’re so Thin?

Considering how thin they are, veneers are incredibly strong, and it’s thanks to their composition that they can be so robust. Only the highest quality dental porcelain is used to create each porcelain veneer, which—despite being relatively glass-like—has been proven time and time again to be incredibly stable. Whether it’s wear, temperature changes, fractures, or discolouration, veneers have been proven to be incredibly resistant to just about anything that can be thrown at them, just like the real thing. 

Veneers are incredibly customisable too; with each patient receiving an entirely bespoke single or set of veneers designed to fit their mouth and their mouth alone. Both the shade of the veneers and their translucency can be adjusted to ensure the perfect fit among their neighbouring teeth, ultimately ensuring the best possible smile for each and every patient.

 Is it True Veneers can Last Up to 20 Years?

The typical life expectancy of a veneer is around 15 years, however with good care and oral hygiene, many can last much longer. Obviously trauma to the veneer could cause it to crack or break, just like a regular tooth. But as long as they’re cared for properly and no unfortunate accidents occur, there’s no reason why porcelain veneers shouldn’t last 20 years—or even more.

What Issues can be Corrected with Veneers?

The list of potential issues that can be corrected with veneers is nearly endless, which is perhaps the greatest reason why the procedure is so popular with so many patients all around the world. Whether it’s crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, short teeth, stained teeth, teeth with gaps, or teeth with cracked enamel, veneers can correct it all. Veneers can also take years off your appearance, and make you look happier, smarter, and healthier—there’s really no end to the benefits of a winning smile.

Are Veneers Easy to Maintain?

The great thing about veneers is there’s nothing special you need to do to keep them nice and well maintained. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything at all though; you’ll still need to take care of them just as you would any of your normal teeth. It’s still just as vital as it ever was that you brush twice a day, floss, use mouthwash, and pay regular visits to your dentist. Decay can still set in underneath your veneers, and plaque can still build up anywhere it wants. If a cavity were to form underneath your veneer, then it wouldn’t be long before either the veneer or your oral health in general could start to go downhill.

 Is it Possible for Veneers to Break?

A veneer can be looked at in much the same way as a natural tooth. So whatever would damage a natural tooth would likely also damage a veneer. So any kind of pressure or force that would damage your natural tooth would likely also do the same with a veneer. As we’ve already established though, veneers are incredibly tough and durable, so damaging your veneer is an incredibly unlikely outcome. Despite being less than a millimetre in thickness, porcelain veneers are incredibly strong, and resistant to chips and cracking. 

The overall longevity and durability of your veneers will ultimately come down to you and your habits though. If you regularly grind your teeth, or use them as a tool to open bottles or packaging, then your veneers will wear down much more quickly than they would otherwise, and increase the possibility of them becoming damaged—or even break them.

Will Porcelain Veneers Give Me the Smile I’ve Always Dreamed Of?

Absolutely—with porcelain veneers, you’ll be able to achieve the amazing Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of in next to no time at all. It may not seem like so much can be done with such a relatively short procedure (most veneers can be fitted over just two appointments a week or two apart), but the fact is, with porcelain veneers it really can. No other procedure can cover up any gaps, cracks, or breakages in your teeth that you’ve been dealing with for years, along with any yellowing or brown spots from years of drinking too much coffee or red wine in the same simple and short way that veneers can, or simply give you the gleaming perfect white smile you’ve always wanted. 

There’s many reasons why veneers are the second most popular cosmetic dental treatment on the planet, and if reading just these few examples has got you thinking that porcelain veneers may be just the thing for you and your teeth, get in touch today for your free quote, and get yourself that one step closer to achieving the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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