Beauty Industry Moves Away from Social Media, and Into the World of Streamers

Social media changed the world. It essentialized and accelerated a number of trends, such as video media and instant reporting of news.

What it also developed was mass interaction and the potential for absolutely anything and, almost, everything to go globally viral. Following, a new wave of internet personalities and public figures appeared. There were posters who went viral after continually posting well-received jokes and there were creators who specialised in an industry, like beauty and built a following of those interested. 

Beauty Industry Moves Away from Social Media, and Into the World of Streamers

Beauty Influencers

Brands eventually caught on to these popular social media personalities. Having ambassadors which represented them and their products wasn’t a new practice. Perfume brands have routinely used actors in their adverts: Johnny Depp for Dolce & Gabbana and Natalie Portman for Christina Dior’s Miss Dior, for instance. Billboards and adverts were on city streets and household screens. They were everywhere which could be seen. Their effectiveness, though, was tied to the persona’s allure as a body, as a symbol. This was successful. However, brands knew the natural next step for this type of ambassadorial role was to use social media. 

Social media allowed personalities to expand the regularity and exposure of their products to existing or potential customers. They wouldn’t be on billboards, inactive as photographs. They would be engaging with people and products in real-time. It is only natural for businesses to want to do this. It allows them to develop a customer base. Audio businesses will have a greater chance of attracting or keeping customers if they incorporate their speakers in smart home devices. South African online poker rooms accepting ZAR (rand) will have a greater chance of attracting or keeping customers if they allow e-wallets to be used, for instance. Grill & Bar restaurants will have a greater chance of attracting or keeping customers if they had a vegan or vegetarian menu. There are plenty of examples of simple and effective expansions which businesses can make which don’t drastically change practices but, rather, make them more effective. 

Social Media Nuances

Each social media platform has different nuances. For instance, how creators post on Facebook will differ drastically to how they post on Twitter. The video content they produce for Instagram will not have the same effect on Snapchat.

Instagram is often the most-used platform for beauty influencers. It is quite versatile. Longer captions can be posted with pictures. Stories enable them to craft spontaneous and quicker videos. Instagram Shopping allows brands to give their audience an easy way to purchase products, and E-commerce apps like Shopify can be linked easily to achieve the same result. Livestreaming is also an option. 


This last point is where things start to get interesting for the brands and influencers. The new possibilities opened up by livestreaming is enticing. It, again, quickens the interaction between an influencer and their audience. While comments on posts can be added and responded to in real-time, livestream is even more immediate, unedited, and authentic. (The ultimate goal is authenticity.) Gamers have become hugely popular while livestreaming their gameplay. Ninja, Shroud, and Valkyrae all have viewing figures in the tens of thousands every day. As such, brands like G-Fuel, Red Bull, and Chipotle have sponsored them. Each streamer has promo codes and giveaways which gives the audience a chance to buy the products cheaper or have them for free. 

This follows the beauty influencer MO. However, livestreaming offers a new angle. They can have extended, multi-hour long shows where they unbox products, try them out for the first time – the audience seeing initial and immediate reactions – all while answering questions asked by the viewers. It is an intimate experience, if it is allowed be. Of course, it can be more of a production. There can be more of a ‘set.’ Talk shows can be incorporated into the product review format, for instance. It is very flexible. The end goal is to show authenticity and allow their audiences to get closer.

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