5 Amazing Ways To Use Wine In Your Beauty Regime

5 Amazing Ways To Use Wine In Your Beauty Regime

Sommeliers find pleasure in trying out the versatile variants of wine and pair it up with complementary foods. From the elegant dinner nights to the cold Christmas mornings, a glass of red wine suits almost every occasion.
However, you can utilize the goodness of red wine in other areas of health and wellness. Instead of gulping down the savory ruby-colored liquid, you can apply it to your skin for maximum luster and appeal. 
Red wine contains high levels of resveratrol that incorporates antioxidant action and curbs oxidative stress.

Here are the top ways in which you can include red wine in your daily skincare routine. 

1. Skin Lightening

Are you experiencing skin pigmentation and tanning issues way more than usual? If yes, then you must look out for adequate natural solutions to cease the dark patches. 
Spending hours under the sun is likely to induce pigmentation and tanning up to a great extent. Also, the melanin component in your skin absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 
It protects the UV rays from penetrating deep inside the body tissues and controls the mutative changes. However, sun-bathing incorporates dark spots, rashes, and pigmentation on the body. 

You can utilize the goodness of red wine to enhance the skin texture and lighten the pigmented spot. All you need is some honey and Red wine to prepare the skin lightening serum. 
Get your hands on the egg whites, red wine, honey extracts, and sugar cane juice. Further, mix the ingredients until it achieves the paste-like consistency and put on the affected parts. 
Keep the mixture on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash your face afterward. 

2. Cleansing Serum

Skincare revolves around adequate cleansing and exfoliation to get rid of the dead skin cells. One of the most crucial steps in the skincare regime is the cleansing part. 
Also, it improves the receptivity of your skin pores and enhances the benefits of skincare in no time. You can include the red wine serum in your cleansing routine to balance out the texture. 
Along with this, it adds more appeal to your face and fights off the inflammatory changes. Start with washing your face and pat it dry using a wet cloth.

Further, create the red wine infused serum using some lemon juice and a few tablespoons of the spirit. Mix the paste well and clean up your face using it. 
Don’t forget to massage your face using the serum and keep it for a few minutes on the face. In the end, take off the serum using a dry tissue and leave your face undisturbed for a while. The antioxidant action of red wine is likely to remove the dryness, reduce acne marks, and enhance the luster in no time. 

3. Instant Glow Mixture 

 Aging can damage the appeal of your face and incorporate wrinkles up to a great extent. Due to the loosening of the facial muscles, you might develop fine lines and blemishes as well. In case you wish to slow down the effects of aging on your skin, you must lookout for an anti-aging skincare regimen. That’s when the red wine enriched instant glow mixture helps in enhancing the luster of your skin. 
You can prepare the serum using cucumber, red wine, and wheat flour. Further, apply the mixture to your skin to promote anti-aging benefits and achieve glowing skin. 

Cucumber contains high levels of nutrients coupled up with water content that aids in moisture retention. Along with this, wheat flour and red wine are likely to fight off the free radicals and promote anti-oxidant action on your skin. 

4. Anti-Acne Regimen

Most people suffer from frequent acne breakouts and related skin conditions due to the harsh factors. Also, environmental agents like dust, pollen, and dirt initiate an inflammatory reaction. 
It leads to the classical signs of inflammation like pain, redness, and swelling on your skin. To curb such reactions, you can opt for the anti-acne regimen containing red wine, honey, and some yogurt. Prepare the mixture using the ingredients and apply it to the acne-prone areas of your face. 
Also, try to steam your face before the application to make your skin pores more receptive. 
Keep the anti-acne mixture on your face for at least 20 minutes before washing it with lukewarm water. 

5. Rejuvenating Face Pack 

Almost every person wishes to apply a refreshing face pack that cleanses the dirt and incorporates a glowing texture. You can prepare the face pack using red wine and other ingredients rich in nutrients. Also, it enhances the quality of your skin and cleanses the clogged pores. 
Start the preparation using cucumber slices and some red wine. 
Further, soak the cotton balls with red wine and massage your face using the same. End the skincare regimen by placing the cucumber slices on your eyes. 

Final Verdict

Wine can be quite beneficial for your body and boosts the oxidative pathways in no time. It contains high levels of resveratrol that controls the accumulation of free radicals in your body. 
Also, it cleanses your skin pores and helps in retaining the moisture in your skin cells. Prepare the skincare mixtures with other ingredients like cucumber slices, yogurt, honey, and wheat flour. Along with this, it helps in cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing your face in no time. 
Make sure to utilize the goodness of red wine for different steps related to your skincare routine. That way, you can promote anti-aging effects and improve skin texture.
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