If You Are An African, You Might Have Heard These Myths About Indians| Let’s Debunk Them!

If You Are An African, You Might Have Heard These Myths About Indians| Let’s Debunk Them!

During my early education years in Graduation College, I had many International friends, most of them were Africans. All of them are so nice and friendly to Indians that I personally never felt that we were divided by race and countries. I also learnt a lot from them, about their country, about their culture, practices and food. One thing that I learnt from them is about my own country. 

Surprised? Yes, I got to know about much such belief that the Africans have about India and, surprisingly, those weren’t true at all. I used to feel bad about how other countries think about my country and that’s when I thought is the need to debunk the myths Africans had about India and hence, here I am! In this article, you would come to know about what are the myths Africans have about India. I am sure you might have heard it too. 

• Most Indians are Hindus or Muslims

This is not true. India is a cultural land where several states follow several religions. Indian cultural history has been doing wonders for over 4,500 years. However, India, popularly known as Hindustan is only a country consisting of Hindus and Muslims, but people following Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and other religions as well. One of my African friends once told me that before they visited India, they had been widely told that India consists of most Hindus and Muslims, however, when they visited the country, they found that it wasn’t true at all. Yes, I do agree that a few religions cover the majority of our country’s population but India is made of all the religions, not any one of them. 

• Indians are racist

Well, yes even I used to think the same way. Racism does exist in one or the other way on the country and I think it does in almost all countries of the world. But let’s not judge any nation based on the behaviour of a part of the society.  

Some Indians might be racist, I don’t know because I haven’t met any of them personally, but mostly, people welcome everyone with open arms and lively hearts. No, I did not say this on many own, my Zambian friend shared this with me, and frankly saying, I felt good! The younger or newer generations are more aware of the fact that racism must be eliminated from society completely. Broadly speaking, as believed by Africans, not only Indians are racist, but as I, being an Indian believe that even the smallest form of racism must not exist. 

• India is a very crowded country

India is the second most populated country after China. We have more people and less land due to which other nations suppose that India must be a crowded place (frankly, I had a similar belief). However, the only crowded places are the busy city areas like shopping markets etc. Again, this is also shared by my Libyan friend. 

• Indian females are naïve (stupid)

When I heard this one, even I was confused so much so that I asked for a complete analysis of why Africans think that way and when I found the reason, I cracked up laughing for about hours straight. Africans in their country watch Zee a lot (Zee World popular for Indian dramas). If you are a true Indian and you don’t have any knowledge about Indian serials, I doubt you being an Indian. 

Likewise shown in Indian serials, Africans assume that most Indian girls are stupid, yes even I got offended. As shown in these serials that the girls cry about everything, act childish, Africans presume that all Indian girl belongs to that sort. This is a sort of shout out to all Africans, we are not like that! So please stop thinking that way. Indian girls are strong, mindful, lively, loving and all like normal human beings. Even Africans who study in Indian colleges have got clarification over this. One of my African friends quoted that ‘Indian women are better off than men’ which made me emotional and proud at the same time. 

• All Indians are rich!

Umm seriously?? These Indian serials have set a wrong perception over other nations. From the Richest to poorest, India consists of all categories of people. Only rich people are shown in the Indian serials which are not our fault! Like any other country, India also consists of all sort of people; the ones who earn endless and also, the ones who earn nothing.

All these are myths about India and Indians those are misconceptions built by either serials or any other source. But one should not believe them until or unless you experience or witness them personally. Hope I provided you with another perspective of the side.

When it comes to writing, she believes that the simplest form of words can help build a better opinion in front of people. With this thought, Garima Aggarwal is an aspiring content writer working in the field for the last 2 years. Currently, she is working for TABSCAP. Being from the journalism background, she is passionate to write about topics related to lifestyle, health, and digital marketing.
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