Oge Obi - All You Need To Know About The Suicide

Oge Obi and Kiki Mordi

The news of Jennifer Oge Obidiebube's suicide has been flying all over the Nigerian internet space, especially on Twitter after she reportedly committed suicide. After Kiki Mordi's report on the alleged sexual harassments going on in the different higher institutions in Ghana and Nigerian went viral, many poured accolades on her for helping tackle the issue of Sex for Grades to an extent.

The documentary earned her numerous awards and recognition, including the highly coveted Journalist of the Year award at the People Journalism Prize for Africa. It also earned her Avance Media's nomination amongst the 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians by Avance Media.

While the documentary to an extent tackled the issue of sexual harassment among Nigerian higher institutions, it didn't go without its own consequences. Kiki revealed she was getting subtle threats after the video went viral.

While celebrating Kiki, we (Nigerians) for Nigerians forgot there was a certain 'Kemi Alabi' who helped in the investigation. In a tweet, appreciated Kemi for the role she played in the investigation.

And to #KemiAlabi, you might be anonymous but my country is filled with #KemiAlabis and because of you, the feel a little less alone. Thank you!

We didn't know who the imaginary Kemi was and never bothered to know, after all, she's anonymous. Little did we know that she was getting jealous of the whole episodes and wanted to feel a taste of the 'fame' something.

Roughly a year after the report, Kemi appeared, but with an initial - O.O, thanks to Ruona Meyer.

In a tweet, Meyer who uncovered the abuse of Codeine in Nigeria made the allegation in reaction to Kiki being presented with 2020 Michael Elliott Award for African Storytelling.

She (Ruona Meyer) stated that real journalists have the honour and also hold themselves to account, not just the government, as she recalled 'being in the room when the story was pitched.'

She tweeted;
Kiki, make sure this time you at least share whatever prize money there is with O.O and acknowledge her - given this was all her story as pitched, sourced/started. Real journalists have honour and also hold themselves to account, not just the government.

O.O a fellow female journalist did not get a fair deal, and you remain complicit and a beneficiary of that. The facts, complaints, responses and even her thread are there. Better make it right because journalism can't insist on ethics & fairness from others, yet cheat within.

For any bright sparks, I was in that newsroom when N.O and O.O pitched that story, so don't try me today... I suggest you try Jesus instead. He is a better option. #RealJournosHaveHonour

Just within the same period, Harri Obi, another top media personality also alleged that Sex for Grades was conceptualized, pitched, researched and co-produced by Oge Obi. He added that Kiki Mordi was simply hired to do the TV narration part.

Sex for Grades was conceptualized, pitched, researched and co-produced by Oge Obi. Kiki Mordi was simply hired to do the TV narration part and somehow it blew. But that’s not a problem. The problem is she’s winning international grants worth millions and refusing to share it.

Lol. How did Oge let Kiki be the face of the undercover piece that brought her to international limelight? I can never fumble that kinda bag. Lol. But speaking as someone who used to be friends with both ladies, I’m not shocked. Oge had to be the brains.
Kiki was simply hired to narrate the story. She wasn’t the undercover Journo in the lecturers’ offices, she didn’t come up with the idea, wasn’t in charge of research, etc. Her job was just to vibe on TV, and months down the line she has Emmy & MTV noms? Feminist Hushpuppi.

He went on to describe Oge as the smartest person he has met who deserves accolades. He wrote; 

Oge is hands down one of the smartest persons I’ve ever met. And I meet smart people a lot. I’m sure she’ll get her deserved accolades sooner than later. If there’s one thing we all have to pick from this, it is that Sex for Grades was her brain and hand work, not Kiki Mordi.

With this, Oge Obi had to come out openly to acknowledge something was wrong somewhere.

She tweeted
Own up. Acknowledge. Apologize (even if it’s fake, I’ll take it) and stop gaslighting the unfairness I’ve had to go through. 
Everything is not about money, it’s really not asking too much. I hate this mess.

This was followed by several other tweets showing that she wasn't really okay with the way things turned out. In one of the tweets, she talked about switching from her career in journalism to something tech;

Anyway, seeing as journalism is not really for me, what’s the easiest skill I can learn in tech and how long will it take for me to master it? Or is it rather late for me to switch to tech, seeing as I am not a spring chicken? Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

If you can hook me up to where I can learn it or

While the whole episodes were being unravelled, tweeted again;
Kemi Alabi or Oge Obi if you may. Potatoh Potahto

...then another tweet, asking her fans 'cyanide or ricin?', which many (probably) interpreted as a joke until the news of her suicide was made public.

Following the sad development, joshbillzz tweeted 'We’ve found Oge God she’s lifeless', a post he later deleted after it was reported that she was receiving treatment at the General Hospital.

We hope Oge Obi gets well soon. Always remember suicide isn't an option, there is a better day ahead.
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