Tips For Starting A Profitable Real Estate Blog

Tips For Starting A Profitable Real Estate Blog

If you’re passionate about real estate and you love to write, blogging could be for you. You can fit it around other commitments, you can write about what you want to and you could also make money in the process. Real estate blogging is a competitive world, so follow these tips to help you stand out from the rest. 

Know Your Specialism

There are so many real estate blogs out there offering the same thing, so one way to be successful is to offer your readers something unique. Maybe you will focus on first time buyers, commercial property management or industrial real estate sales. If you are able to take a niche you are interested in and create engaging and useful information, you have every chance of being successful. 

Avoid Overly Technical Wording

If you are targeting your blog at real estate professionals, this point might not be relevant. Yet, if you are wanting to target potential renters or buyers in any area of real estate, then you should avoid overly technical wording. You might come across a term that is essential to the post, such as schedules of condition, so you would simply explain what it means. 

There will be words that will be second nature to you, yet you must bear in mind that not everyone reading the blog has the same knowledge. Another option is to provide a mini dictionary at the bottom of each post to provide definitions for any difficult words. This will make your blog far more accessible, meaning you can target a wider range of people. 

Accept Guest Posts

A great way to widen your content and include alternative points of views is to accept posts from guest writers. Unique insights from other people will always be useful and can add significant value to your blog, therefore increasing its potential to be profitable. It will also help to relieve your workload as you will save plenty of writing time. 

Additionally, you can request that guest writers share their guest post on their social media channels which will act as free marketing for your blog! You can create a writers profile page to enable writers to share their social media or blog links to help them build a reputation in the blogging world. 

Use Google Analytics

In order to maximise your understanding of exactly what your readers enjoy, you should make use of Google Analytics. You will be able to see where your traffic is coming from, the demographics of your readers and the pages that readers are enjoying the most, just to name a few features. This will help you to improve the quality of your blog, increase traffic and therefore start making profits through advertisements. It is also completely free, so make sure you don’t pay for the same service elsewhere online, as it is unlikely to be as thorough or effective. 


Setting up a blog can be extremely valuable, both in terms of your skills as well as financially. Although creating a profitable blog doesn’t always happen, if you follow these tips you have every chance of success. Make sure you offer specific advice in a particular area, you make your blog accessible, you accept a wide range of posts from guest writers and you use analytics to understand your audience and maximise the opportunity for the blog to be profitable.

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