Reviews Of The Best Messaging Apps For Privacy And Security In 2021

Reviews of the Best Messaging Apps for privacy and security in 2021

At the beginning of 2021, Facebook announced its intention to start harvesting user data from WhatsApp. Agreeing to this new policy will give Facebook the right to share your information with marketing companies and brands for targeted advertising.  

WhatsApp users are looking for the best options to replace the application to avoid falling victim to the new policy.  

Top 7 application for security and privacy


Being an open-source application, Signal is one of the most secure options today. It is one of the very few apps that are privacy-preserving tech-enabled. This system ensures that users cannot send data or messages to the wrong recipient.

Signal text and calls are end-to-end encrypted, which is the core of the company’s product. Furthermore, it has a disappearing message setting that deletes messages after a set time. This is an open-source project supported by grants and donations. This means that there are no advertisements and no affiliation with advertising firms.    


Wire is yet another ideal option for secure messaging applications. Chats, media, and calls on the platform and end-to-end encrypted, and the feature is always on to ensure you are always protected. Every message is fitted with a new encryption key, reducing the possibility of using a compromised key. It is also an open-source app, further guaranteeing its safety.

You can enjoy other features on Wire, including file sharing, group chatting, ephemeral chars, and conferencing.


This private messaging app prides itself on its restraint on metadata to prevent misuse of data. The Threema servers permanently delete chats as soon as they are delivered to the recipient. This ensures all conversations, calls, or files shared are protected from prying eyes. Threema is also open-source, making it easier for users to verify their encryption.

Other features include creating polls, chatting anonymously, and even creating distribution lists on the app.


This is a popular platform for people who value heavily encrypted conversations. All group chats, personal chats, and calls are E2EE provides the sender and recipient both use the platform. It also comes with a self-destruct option for messages, photos, videos, and other files. The secret chat option offers an even more secure chatting experience.

Additional features include open API and protocol, group support for up to 200,000 users, and the ability to send documents in any format.   

Wickr Me

Wickr allows users to communicate via call, chat, or memo in full encryption. Apart from being a messaging app, it can also be used as a collaboration tool by teams. It is possible to share locations, screens, and statuses with other Wick users. You will not need to use your phone number or email to register, further asserting their seriousness in protecting user data. The app data is available to Wickr users, and it comes with default E2EE security.

Other features include self-destructing messages, up to 1bg data transfer capability, and secure screen settings.


Viber is a messaging platform where users can share photos, videos, and messages of any size. All the voice and video calls over mobile or desktop OS are encrypted. With the updated security guidelines from Viber, now group messages are also secured with E2EE.  

Viber supports HD video calls and a trusted contact verification protocol to identify your contacts. It also supports groups with unlimited members.


iMessage has always helped user privacy and security in high regard. With this app, macOS and iOS users can choose how long they want the messages to be available and how many times the recipient can view the message. Other features include notifications muting, tailored settings exclusive to app uses, and cloud backup for messages.

If you are still concerned about your safety online, even with the most secure apps, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the best ways to boost your privacy. If you wonder how VPNs work, they encrypt your data before it is transmitted to the websites you visit. This makes the data inaccessible and unreadable to spies and hackers.

With the best messaging app and a VPN, you will worry less about your privacy and security online.

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