How Fernando Raymond Is Helping African Bloggers Get Online Via SeekaHost Control Panel (SeekaHost.org)

As more Africans are joining the entrepreneurship bandwagon, and digital entrepreneurs in the majority; the challenging journey of these startup founders is the need for assurance of a helping hand as regards their online presence and getting first-hand recommendations for their business website.

The good news is that someone cares, Fernando Raymond is a digital entrepreneur, who is very notable for his digital marketing agency, ClickDo which based in London has garnered an astonishing portfolio encompassing the most authentic SEO techniques and helping clients to rank for some of the toughest keywords.
How Fernando Raymond Is Helping African Bloggers Get Online Via SeekaHost control Panel (SeekaHost.org)

As a digital strategist, Fernando has been providing tomorrow’s digital entrepreneurship strategies to clients today. But don’t take our words for it, you can have a look at how he grew each of his companies with the latest online marketing strategies, which strategies he wishes to tailor to African businesses to grow them rapidly.

Also, African businesses are facing the issue of unavailability of a reliable web hosting provider that can guarantee efficient services at an affordable cost and  24/7 technical support.

As the founder of SeekaHost, Fernando is offering Africans the cheapest web hosting packages for both personal and business website hosting needs, with one of the most reliable, efficient, and affordable web hosting plans in the market. 

How African Businesses can Get Online via SeekaHost Control Panel (SeekaHost.org)

How Fernando Raymond Is Helping African Bloggers Get Online Via SeekaHost control Panel (SeekaHost.org)

SeekaHost is a global web hosting company, headquartered in London, the UK with a presence in Sri Lanka,  India,   Australia, and Germany; and of course, an African launch is still in the pipeline. However, SeekaHost wants to help Africans learn how to start a blog and earn from blogging activities.

SeekaHost uses the latest web hosting technologies, including servers and web platforms, which guarantees the integrity of their systems and have been tested for over a decade to ensure the best performance for your business websites.

SeekaHost is also building a revolutionary online educational platform to provide a world-class e-learning platform on digital marketing, personal branding, entrepreneurship, and digital skill acquisitions to help both beginners and advanced students to build their digital enterprises.

And it offers a dedicated web portal at SeekaHost.org to cater for all blog hosting needs, with a special custom-built control panel that makes setting up WordPress blog easy and effortless.

Introducing SeekaHost’s Blog Hosting Control Panel

How Fernando Raymond Is Helping African Bloggers Get Online Via SeekaHost control Panel (SeekaHost.org)

African bloggers will definitely appreciate a tool that makes it very easy to get online. And SeekaHost blog hosting control panel does exactly that as just about anyone can sign up for a free account to test it.

SeekaHost WordPress Blog Hosting control panel is adjudged the best and the ultimate solution for WordPress blog hosting for several reasons. While there are many WordPress hosting control panels, most of them like cPanel and Plesk are rather complicated and could be confusing for newbies, but SeekaHost felt the world needed something easier to use to host WordPress blogs.  

For instance, when it comes to migrating WordPress sites with the SeekaHost control panel, you’ll find it easier to do as well or else, you can also ask the ever-friendly support team to assist you with the migration. 

And by joining SeekaHost, you will not only get all the support you need to get online, but also learn the vital online skills you need to succeed. Starting a website is perhaps the first step to building your virtual real estate and with the support of SeekaHost, you'll quickly be able to scale your business to become a success story and one of the numerous other online businesses who have built the greatest enterprise of all. 

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