How to Use Google Review Widget to Increase Customers and Sales

How to Use Google Review Widget to Increase Customers and Sales

Google Review Widget is an amazing tool for every business and embedding on a website drive exceptional sales and revenues that you might never imagine with such a small investment. If you are interested in knowing more about this miracle tool for your marketing than keep on reading this blog and learn how to successfully use Google Review Widget to increase sales, revenues, and build a strong rapport with your customers. 

Google is like a lord! And why not you will get your answers to all your questions on this platform. Now Google is not limited to the functionality of search engines, it is a huge platform to sell, buy, promote, find solutions, and build a strong relationship with customers. 

Are you wondering how? You might have noticed local business listing, online ads, Google shopping, ratings & reviews, recommendations, etc. on the Google search engine when you put your query inside the search box. 

Entrepreneurs are looking for effective ways to utilize Google in a way that drive maximum benefit to their business. 

One of the prominent ways that enhancing the businesses or brands over Google is Google reviews and ratings. 

For businesses who have established their online store, a website, or list their business over Google, it is a must strategy to do that they leverage reviews and ratings and learn how to innovatively display them on their website or online store maximum conversions. 

You can do so by embedding Google Review Widget on your website so that your customers get to know about what real customers are saying about your business on Google. 

As seen before and now as well, people like to hear from real or existing customers who have already avail the services or use the products of the business they are looking over the internet. 

Amazing Ways to Generate Google Reviews and Rating from Your Customers

However, if you are struggling with how to generate Google reviews and ratings to embed on your website, then don’t worry; here below we will walk you through amazing ways to generate Google reviews and rating from your customers that also benefit in build a strong base for your business. 

How to Use Google Review Widget to Increase Customers and Sales

So let’s get started exploring!

#1 Ask Customers How They Find Your Service/Product & Their Experience 

As per the data from Search Engine land, about 70% of customers like to leave their reviews, give a rating to business as per their experience if the business asks them to leave their reviews online. 

If you want your customers to give their insightful reviews and valuable feedback, you need to ask them by finding the right opportunity. 

For this purpose, you have to mindfully think about how to correctly pitch the customers and make a friendly tone that makes them leave their reviews on the website. 

You can send a follow-up email, remind them when they finish the checkout procedure or ask them if they are at your store to leave their feedback on your Google listing. 

#2 Make Review Giving Process Easy & Time-Efficient

As 70 per cent of customer agrees to leave the reviews, the major excuse of left-over customers is that it takes lots of time and efforts to leave a review.

So it is your responsibility to make the review leaving process simplified and easy so that your customers can leave reviews happily so that even at the last step they find your services at best. 

Make sure when you are asking your customers to leave reviews or reminding them, it should be precise with one or two-line sentence. If you are offering a feedback form to customers it should be easy to open and a few click process. 

#3 Show Instant Response to All Your Customer Reviews

Another important aspect of making your Google review process more effective and enhancing is by responding to each and every customer review and thank them for their reviews. 

Your responsibility is not over just after requesting the customer and receiving their feedback. It also includes a very important step that is to thank the customer for their reviews. 

You can send the Thank Message on their email or if you have their number then reach out to them through direct message. 

It will enhance your brand reputation and create a good impression of your business and customer service. 

#4 Rapidly Take Action & Solve Their Problem

Once you get the customer review, check what they are saying, their experience, and how they find your services. If you find they are talking about a problem they face while availing of your services or with your product, then you need to acknowledge their feedback and take action to enhance the customer experience. 

For every large and successful organization, there is only one secret behind is considering customer reviews. 

Wrapping Up!

Google reviews are great for your business. However, if you want to enhance your new customer experience and convert them into long-term customers. 

You can embed the Google reviews widget on your website in a beautiful way. There are many Google Review Widget tools available in the market that you choose and embed Google Reviews in a most efficient and contemporary way. 

So what are you waiting for, start leveraging Google reviews and boost your business sales and revenues? 

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