Can You Build Muscle with Smith Machines?

Can You Build Muscle with Smith Machines?

Staying fit nowadays can be difficult to keep up with, especially with a busy lifestyle that leaves little time for anything else, especially workout and exercise time.

The same dilemma comes with getting into better shape and strengthening or building up muscles. 

Building up muscles requires repetition, time, and a lot of sweat (and maybe tears with some cursing) depending on the condition of your body pre-working out.

Building muscles will require various and specific workouts for the different muscle groups, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend large sums of money on numerous exercise equipment or a gym membership. You can build all the muscle you desire and need with a Smith machine in your own home.

What’s a Smith Machine?

If you’re not an athlete, bodybuilder, or routine exerciser then you might not know the name of this amazingly useful piece of equipment like a professional athlete will. 

A smith machine is an all-in-one gym of sorts, where you can do weighted squats, pull-ups, as well as other exercises all with the same equipment for the most part, with a few small accessory changes.

 It combines multiple pieces of fitness equipment into one central unit, saving space in your home. There are various types of smith machines and finding the one that fits your goals and needs the most is important, and Wodreview.com has done the comparison for you in their list of the best smith machines.

Why You Should Invest in A Smith Machine? 

• Eliminates the Commute

A 24/hr gym membership can be great if you’re away from home a lot and there’s one conveniently placed near your workplace or is on your normal route home. If you happen to work from home primarily, then the last thing you’ll want to do is drive to the gym, work your muscles to near death and drive back home a hot sweaty mess.

A smith machine in your home saves you quite a bit of time commuting for your exercise goals, enabling you to enjoy your exercise time even more and devote more time to actually exercising and building up muscle.

• You Don’t Have to Share It with Strangers

The worst part about gyms is sharing equipment, especially if the gym you love is popular and small. With a smith machine in your home, you no longer have to wait in line to use it after someone else, and you won’t have to rush your workout either.

• Wear What You Want

Since you own your equipment, you can wear what is the most comfortable for you during your exercise jams, and not have to stick with hot clothing or strict apparel requirements. 

Being comfortable as you exercise is important and having the right exercise sneakers is equally important. Not all shoes are made equally and finding the right style and fit should be a priority. 

Altitude Sports has everything you need to stay comfortable during your exercising experience and has the best selection of athletic apparel you can find on the internet.

Enjoy the Experience

Working out and getting into shape should be enjoyable and beneficial more than anything else. 

Commuting to and from a gym, as well as having to worry about the hygiene of those around you should not be on your mind as you’re working out and building up strong muscles. 

Owning a Smith machine has more benefits for you than a gym membership, and grants diversity and functionality.

A smith machine in your home will give you more time to focus on building up a stronger and better you.

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