5 Tips to Show Your Interest in a Man Without Telling It

5 Tips to Show Your Interest in a Man Without Telling It

Society tells us that women are not meant to be the first ones to do the first move when it comes to romantic courtship. That has been the reason why most women do not know how to make the man of their dreams aware that she has hidden feelings for him. Most of the time, it will be kept hidden until the man will be the first one to have reciprocated the feelings for her. 

However, in reality, not all feelings are reciprocated which leaves a woman no choice at all. They will just accept the fact that a man is not interested in her. If this has been bothering you, do not worry because we will show you some tips on how to express your romantic feelings towards him without actually telling him verbally. These will save you from being one of those "friend-zoned" women. 

Try giving him a special gift

If a woman loves to receive a gift, it goes the same way for most men. So as the first tip, we encourage you to think of the things that your crush has been aiming for. For example, if he is into gaming, he might want to have a gaming device. On the other hand, if he is into racing, he might want to have a sports motor or a good helmet. If he is into fashion, then he might be looking for a wristwatch that will suit his taste and outfits. Whatever he is into, make sure to pick the one that he will not be able to resist. For example, if you decided to buy him a watch, pick any of the most luxurious brands like Rolex, Tissot, or Panerai. Do not worry about its price because it will surely be more worth it to see him happy while he receives those. Rest assured that from that time on, he will already look at you as someone very special.

Always look into his eyes

While it is true that most men are shy types who do not want to look at someone's eye for a long duration if he will be comfortable doing this to you, it will make him think that you are a good woman to invest his time in and to make a good conversation. If you will do this trick, make sure that you wear your cutest eyeliner so that he will be attracted to you at first glance. Thus, if you always do this, he will get the impression that you are interested in him. And chances are, he will reciprocate that interest.

Surprise him on his birthday

Everybody wants to be surprised especially on special occasions like birthdays. Thus, if you remember to surprise him on his special day, he will start to think that you are deeply invested in him which is the first clue that he may recognize as part of your romantic feelings. Just continue doing surprises so that he will also feel like surprising you on your special days. As time goes by, just hope that you will be also surprised by his feelings for you.

Be real and tell him your secrets

If a person is trusted, you will not be hesitant to show your real personality and to tell even your deepest secrets. Thus, if you are a girl and you tell your secrets to a man, he will surely think that you trusted him so much to the point that you are not afraid to show him your true self. This is already an indication that you are also interested in his true personality.

Always asks him to smile

This is the most genuine tip on how to implicitly show your romantic feelings over a man. If you always cheer him up especially on not-so-happy times, and you encourage him to smile, he will surely remember it and will look at you as a genuine person. Might as well one day, he will also be the one to tell you to smile as he confesses his feelings for you!

In a Nutshell

There might be some women out there who dare to verbally express their feelings for a man. They are commendable and are extremely deserving to have their feelings reciprocated. However, if you are the shy type, you can still express your feelings implicitly through actions and generosity. You can give him gifts, you can just look at him in the eyes, you can surprise him with his birthday, you can tell him your secrets, or you may just encourage him to smile. With these simple tips, you will be able to show your interest in him and hopefully, he will recognize it. When that time comes and he asks you out, be ready to be the best version of yourself!

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