How to Compress PDF File with Online PDF Services?

How to Compress PDF File with Online PDF Services?

A PDF file is a universally accepted, unique, and potent file format that conserves your valuable documents safely without much complication. Although it’s an easily accessible file format, yet you may have faced the problem while sending a PDF file to others through mail or some other platforms.

As a PDF file contains several images, texts, graphics, etc., the size of the file gets large, and it doesn't deliver. We, in this article, are giving you a quick solution to your problem: compressing the PDF file with online PDF compressors. Keep reading and explore the best PDF services online that can help you to reduce the size of your file.

Small PDF

Small PDF is one of the best online PDF compressors that enables PDF file compressing in any platform, including Windows, Mac, etc. This is a browser-based online service that scans and reduces the size of your PDF file to 144 dpi and is very easy to use as well. 

All you have to do is to open smallpdf.com and upload your PDF file (size-limit: 5 GB) to this compressor. The size of the file will automatically decrease within seconds. After that, you can easily download your new file to the PC or phone and mail it without further difficulty. 


Online 2 PDF is another online PDF compressor that can be used to compress the size of a PDF file successfully. Furthermore, this online application contains more features like- Image to PDF, Header/ footer, Excel, and many more. 

With 2pdf.com, you can choose up to 20 files and can lessen their length. This application very efficiently diminishes the resolution of the file (300 dpi) and creates a small PDF file. You can easily export PDF files to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, JPG files, merge them, edit them, and last but not least, convert them to PDF. We must say, Online 2 PDF editor is an all-rounder for sure.

Adobe PDF Compressor

In the world of online PDF compressors, Adobe PDF Compressor has created its name with its amazing, free, and fast technical features. To reduce the size of your PDF file, you have to open the optimize PDF tool, choose a particular file, click on reduce file size, click the ‘ok’ button, and ultimately rename and save the file.

I love PDF

This is another recommended online service that facilitates easy PDF compressing and various features like JPG to PDF, Word to PDF, etc. The use of this tool is pretty simple, like any other PDF compressor. You have to drag your large PDF file to the compressor, and you are done. Simply rename and download the freshly compressed file, and you are good to go.


If you are looking for a PDF file compressor to reduce your PDF files' size, you can easily get your hands on any of the online PDF services without any hassle. All of these services are safe and easy to access and will never disappoint you for sure.

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