Top Best Screen Recording Software 2021

Top Best Screen Recording Software 2021

Shooting videos has long been a practice unfamiliar with smart device contacts. However, a long tradition has been to shoot with the cameras of the devices to record. A new form of video recording that is being interested and shared as well as resonating today is screen recording.
This video format is a recording of your activity doing your work on your computer or phone screen. The purpose is to share with viewers on how to operate on the device. 

These videos are often shared in gaming tips, software implementation tips, device manuals, and especially online learning videos by recording yourself on the screen and dubbing the lecture to that video. So among those screen recording software, what is the screen recording software?
Most popular for computers, phones operating system Android and IOS? The following article will give you suggestions.

 Top computer screen recording software 

1. VLC - simple computer screen recording software

The VLC media player is a computer screen recording software with a lot of features, in which the ability to record screen video is considered by many to be quite good.
Although this is not a professional software for recording and does not have a video editor and many other important features with videos, the VLC software still helps you to perform simple manipulations of recording and uploading videos.
This software is considered to be simple and easy to use, quite suitable for beginners. Usually, VLC software is used by gamers at the net shop to play games and record the process, upload it to share videos and instructions.

2. Tiny Take

TinyTake is a 2-in-1 functional built-in tool that includes video recording and screen capture and supports users to annotate on videos and share them easily.
Similar to Community Clips, the program works silently and shows only one icon in the system tray. When you need to return to the screen, right-click on this icon and select functions, such as backing to the webcam or backing to the screen, taking pictures from the webcam.
Besides, this software also has integrated. Some function shortcuts help you operate more easily, and the screen is cleaner.

One of the biggest advantages of TinyTake is that it can be used to record long shared videos (about over 2 hours) with stable quality, and the output format is MP4. 

 3. RecordCast

RecordCast is a practical web application to record the screen with the browser. It is an online tool that is completely free to use, so RecordCast does not need any type of registration. 

This screen recorder is quite simple and easy to use. Besides, the interface of this web tool is very neat. You can use this tool to record full screen images or a webcam plus screen according to your needs. In addition, the tool also provides the basic options to edit the video with a built-in video editor. 

4. Bandicam

If the 3 above computer screen recording software are highly appreciated by many users, Bandicam is also a software that cannot be ignored. This is a screen recording software on the computer that is loved by many people because of its high video quality and sharp images.
If you are looking for a screen recording software with a simple interface, easy to use and want high quality, Bandicam is the right choice. Bandicam has not disappointed anyone because of its many useful functions.
This is also completely free software, but the integrated functions are not limited in functionality. You absolutely can exploit all the functions of this software easily.

Top screen recording software for Android phones

1. One Shot screen recorder

One Shot screen recorder is a completely free-to-use application that you do not need to root your device when downloading this application. This is a user-friendly application with a fairly simple interface, and the controls are neatly organized.
On the screen of an Android phone, this software is clear and handy. We only need to perform four steps in 4 basic steps to be able to record video with One Shot Screen Recorder software.
4 basic steps includes open the video recording feature in the app, press the record button and proceed to record the operation, press the stop recording button and the video will be automatically saved, the last step is to cancel video if you are not satisfied. 

The quality of the screen recording video is considered to be quite good.

2. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder is software that supports Android devices to connect to your computer to record movies or perform live video streams easily. This is a separate new feature of this software in addition to allowing screen video recording.
Users can send messages from the Android device screen, then transfer the necessary data to the computer and watch the live video being saved.

This software is really suitable for gamers who regularly perform video game streaming. The Mobizen Screen Recorder applications will definitely be a useful tool to help gamers in this regard.
Users can completely record Knock - out of opponents, manipulation tips, beautiful performances in the game or show off admirable achievements or simply share about techniques, play strategy for "fellow game". Some super popular games are often recorded, such as Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings, etc.

3. AZ Screen Recorder

The first advantage that can be mentioned of AZ Screen Recorder software is that you do not need to root to use it and can download it for free. This is a useful screen recording tool for devices with Android operating system version 5.0 and above.
AZ Screen Recorder application supports users to record video with HD or full HD quality. You can pause and continue during the video recording process if necessary, not necessarily continuous video recording. If you have a need to edit or merge videos, this software also has absolute support tools.

Top screen recording software for iOS phones

1. DU Recorder Live

DU Recorder Live is a phone screen recording application on the iOS operating system and supports free live stream through channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitch.
Not only has a simple and easy-to-use interface, but the screen recording tool also has clear screen video quality and smooth images.

When using this software, you can both live stream and insert comments directly into the video and chat with viewers. This software is completely free and does not get interrupted by ads while working. Moreover, this software helps to create high-quality videos, depending on the resolution that users want. You can also set up live views (viewers can be restricted, public or otherwise).

2. TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Capture is a free screen recording application for iOS, suitable for iPhone and iPad users who record introductory videos and demo videos right on their mobile devices.
TechSmith supports screen recording on iPhone or iPad devices running iOS 11. This software is a great choice for those who want to make a short but high-quality video.
Furthermore, this application allows you to edit previously recorded videos, whether from another application with built-in toolkits. Notification feature of TechSmith Capture for iPhone / iPad, allowing users to use the screen recording tool of this phone in the best way without any trouble.

3. Go Record Screen Recorder

Go Record Screen Recorder for iOS is a completely free and extremely easy to use iPhone / iPad screen recording app.
This software not only allows users to record the phone screen on any application or games for the iOS operating system but Go Record: Screen Recorder also has a minimalistic interface and brings maximum efficiency.
Besides, thanks to the Broadcast Extension feature on iOS 11 that Go Record: Screen Recorder can record even when using an application or playing a game. Not only perfect recording, but this software also supports audio recording while recording video at the same time and integrates a set of audio editing tools so that users can edit their videos as soon as they are recorded.
The video editor includes cutting, resizing, splitting or cutting equipment.

4. ProMovie Recorder

ProMovie Recorder for iOS is one of the most feature-rich but also easiest-to-use applications that we should not ignore if you are planning to make a phone screen recording video.
With the ability to control exposure, focus, frame rate. This application allows users to create professional videos of high quality. This software supports dual camera modes, wide or narrow-angle customizing from the user, and video recording speed can be up to 120Mb / s.
In addition, the software supports external devices such as Microphones, Anamorphic lenses, external dual monitors, Bluetooth. In addition, the software also supports direct sharing of the software to social networking sites.

5. MoviePro

MoviePro for iOS is a professional video recording and filmmaking application, allowing you to create high-quality and high-resolution video clips right on your iOS device.
It is also a highly rated screen recording application from major tech sites around the world, capable of turning your iOS device into the most professional handheld camcorder, and can work well on all latest generation iDevice.
The software supports a dedicated camcorder's operations, such as Pause / Resume; Zoom; Adjust rotation speed; Take a photo while recording; Save video directly in Camera Roll, customize video quality and output video file.

Final words

After you get the video, you need to go through some editing steps, especially the audio file to join the video to create attraction, especially for the educational videos, you can use Lightworks software to Solve these problems simply and quickly, then share them on educational websites or social networks.

Above are the top software and applications that support screen recording for both computers and phones on the operating systems that are very useful for you.
Hopefully, you will choose for yourself software, applications suitable for available devices and produce high-quality videos.

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