Simple Guide on Credit Cards, Cashback And Rewards

Simple Guide on Credit Cards, Cashback And Rewards

When we become independent, dealing with our finances becomes one of our responsibilities. From opening a bank account to managing our monthly expenses, the way we deal with money will pretty much decide how comfortably we can live, and the things we can enjoy in life without putting our responsibilities at risk.

However, there are times in where we might get introduced to something known as a credit. Credits function similarly to a loan, in a way that you have access to money that you don’t actually own provided by a financial organization, which you can pay in a set amount of time.

Of course, said financial organization benefits from loaning you money thanks to interests. The percentage of the interest you will end up paying depends entirely on the organization, but a general rule of thumb is that the more money you have to pay for the loan, the more interests you will have to deal with.

Credit Cards, Convenient Credit Instruments

Now, another aspect of the world of finances and credits is credit cards. These are very convenient implements that allow us to have access to credits in most stores and service providers, including online websites and foreign countries. You can also use it to obtain foreign currencies when you are travelling.

If you want to, you can check this article over here for a little more detailed information on the definition of a credit card and its history. Still, we can add that they are often given to those individuals who fulfil certain requirements, usually related to their financial history within the organization, which tend to be banks. 

However, at times, certain service providers, like big retail stores or supermarkets can provide you with a form of a card that you can use to buy their products, and it works very similarly to a credit card, only that you can only use it with them, and their credits tend to be on the lower side.

With that said, you can increase it the more you use it and the more reputation and trust you obtain, which is very useful at times. This rule also applies to regular bank credit cards, since the more you use them and the more reputation you built with them, the more money you will be able to borrow.

Simple Guide on Credit Cards, Cashback And Rewards

The Advantages of Owning a Credit Card

The main advantage of a credit card is, of course, its versatility. You can use it almost anywhere, since nowadays, with the rise of technology and the globalization of currency, you can pay in most places with a debit or credit card, and that includes foreign countries. Although there are exceptions to the rule, most of the time, you will be able to make use of it.

There’s another aspect of credit cards that you have to know, and that is that there are many different types of credit cards, even within a financial organization, each one having its very own characteristics and benefits. If you visit kredittkortinfo.no you’ll understand the usual differences between different types of cards, but most of the time, they are related to how much money a bank can give in the form of credits.

Simple Guide on Credit Cards, Cashback And Rewards

Simply said, credit cards allow you to have access to money that otherwise you would not be able to use. This can be incredibly handy during certain situations, and even a lifesaver when emergencies occur. 

This lets you purchase stuff that you might absolutely need while you can’t afford to pay big amounts of money at a single time. By using a credit card, you pay for the stuff you buy on comfortable monthly payments. 

Although you will end up paying more than normal, this aspect makes it much more viable for a lot of people. Buying limited-time products or taking advantage of limited discounts becomes much easier thanks to this aspect of credits!

Among the benefits, you can also accumulate something known as points the more you use them, and also, benefit from something we describe as cashback.

The Basics of Cashback

As I mentioned earlier, the more you use credits, and as long as you pay the fees responsibly, you’ll build reputation and trust within the organization. 

But there’s also another advantage of using credit cards, besides the ones I mentioned earlier, and that is Cashback, also known as the Cashback Reward Program, which is used by several financial organizations all around the world.

These rewards are often linked to something known as points. Points can be traded in for many other things, but they are more commonly used for acquiring flying miles which can be used to travel. However, certain rewards involve obtaining monetary compensation or discounts.

The main deal with cashback is to incentivize users to spend money using credits since although they still get benefits from it, organizations also do benefit from you using it, so in a way, it can be a good thing for all parties involved.

The Good Has a Bad Side

Simple Guide on Credit Cards, Cashback And Rewards

Of course, there’s a bad side as well. Credit cards do have some problems, but they are often linked to irresponsible people who can’t manage their expenses very well, and cannot afford to use them just because of their financial stability, or life circumstances.

Yes, overall, credit cards are very good instruments to have, but they are only good in the hands of people who are disciplined and responsible enough to use them without failing to pay their monthly expenses at the same time while knowing on which occasions credit cards should be used. 

That is why they are only recommended to be owned by those who have financial stability and can manage to pay a monthly fee without risking their daily lives.

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