7 Easy Steps For Getting A Job In Dubai As A Foreigner

7 Easy Steps For Getting A Job In Dubai As A Foreigner

In this article, we'll be exploring some easy steps on how you can secure a high paying job in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a foreigner. The United Arab Emirates has been a choice travel destination for Nigerians. For many, it's the perfect tourist location, while to others, it's the best place to work as a foreigner.

Among the most sought skills and qualifications by employers in this great country include; data mining, algorithm design, SEO/SEM marketing, statistical analysis, web architecture, UI design, public policy and international relations.

If you're ready to join the bandwagon of Nigerians working in Dubai, this guide will enlighten you more on all you need to know.

• Your visa first:

Since you're planning to work in Dubai, you'd definitely be needing a work visa. If you already have someone over there helping you secure the job, it'll be easy to leave Nigeria after you've been offered a position.

Alternatively, you can also enter the emirate on a tourist or visitor visa for your job search and then transfer your visa status once you’ve found employment.
NOTE: While you can easily enter the emirates on a tourist visa, you're not allowed to work on it. In fact, it's critical that you either get a work visa provided you find employment or return to your country on the expiration of the visitor visa.

• Your health and labour cards:

At the moment, the UAE doesn’t allow foreign carriers of diseases like tuberculosis, Hepatitis C and HIV into the country. You'll need to have a blood test to show that you're free from these ailments. You'll be issued a health card once you pass all the tests.

In addition to the health card, you'll also need a labour card. Getting a labour card involves sending your passport photo, entry visa, medical records, employment contract and your employer’s labour licence to the Ministry of Labor.
NOTE: You'll also need a residence visa in addition to the above cards. It is issued by Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and you'll have to apply for it in person.
With these three documents, you're good to start working legally in the emirates.

• What are your skills?

As with every other part of the world, not all the job markets in Dubai are ready to bounce back after the recent pandemic that shook the world's economy. Some job markets that are expected to blossom more than the rest in the coming months include; legal, IT, finance, procurement, marketing, hospitality, tourism, telecom, amongst others,

• Check out reputable brands:

I always advise people to research their choice companies before applying for any job opportunity. Some brands are well known in the emirates for their rigorous hiring and excellent standing as places to work.
Also, if you'd be going through a recruitment agency, you'll need to read up reviews about them online. A good company should have a website and office address.

• Apply online:

Thanks to the internet, you can now apply for jobs from the comfort of your bedroom. One of the advantages of applying for jobs online is that it'll help you get a better idea of what companies are hiring in Dubai.
Some good websites you can check out for job opportunities include; Khaleej Times Jobs, bayt.com, Laimoon, Dubai Task, Gulftalent, Dubizzle, Efinancial Careers, Naukrigulf, LinkedIn, Indeed, amongst.

• Work on your CV:

Your curriculum vitae (CV) matters a lot and should be taken into consideration when applying for jobs anywhere in the world. One fact I can't hide from you is the competitive nature of Dubai's job market.
Imagine being among one out of the hundreds or even thousands of people applying for a position. What will make the recruiter want to show interest in you? Your CV.
We earlier listed out 5 things you should never include in your CV and I recommend it for you.

• Network with other people:

Whether you're new to the job market or you want to explore other career options, you need to network with other people in your field of interest. You'll get first-hand information regarding vacancies, news, and more.
In fact, Dubai is known for hiring internally and among employee-referenced candidates. If you know someone inside the company, you’re up to 6.6% more likely to land the job.
If you're interested in migrating to Dubai, you can find a way of reconnecting with old friends that are already in the country, they'll be of great help to you.

What more? I wish you good luck in your job search and welcome to Dubai in advance. Before you leave, we have an article on what it looks like living in Dubai as an African. We explained different things, from your expenses to the food, salaries and even more. I'd recommend it for any African interested in migrating to the emirates.

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