What Does It Look Like Living As An African In Dubai? Nigerian Traveler Reveals

What Does It Look Like Living As An African In Dubai
The number of Africans traveling to and trying to travel to Dubai is now increasing rapidly due to the promise of a greener pasture over there.
According to several online sources, the UAE tourism visa is one of the easiest to get and many Africans when thy get over there, quickly get into the labour market instead of flexing and partying around.
Are you thinking of migrating to Dubai as an African? Well it's not a bad decision and the country has a lot of good things to offer to you.
Some of the things you'll experience in Dubai include:

• Salaries

There is no standard salary in Dubai but your pay depends on your skills, experiences and the number of years you'v worked there. Another factor that also determines your salary is your employer or the organization you're working for.

• Expenses

Your biggest expense in Dubai will be your rent followed by your travelling expenses.As a foreigner you'd have two options:- either to spend money on rent and take a place near metro so that you won't bother buying a car or renting a house in outskirts and then purchasing a car for moving around.
Getting your driving license in Dubai is quite expensive and usually takes time. Flights tickets are also pricey buy you can get them cheaper during the holidays.

• Savings 

This is probably the most important part of this post. In Dubai you don't pay taxes but life is quite fun and you'll need a great deal of self control to be able to save. Try as much as possible to reduce your extravagant lifestyle so at the end of the year you'll have something presentable.

• Social Life

Dubai is more like a business city and you'll see people from many different parts of the world like Africa and Asian countries. During my stay there I had a mixed group of friends comprising of Nigerians, Indians, Philippines and Pakistan. We all celebrated our different festivals together by eating together and exchanging gifts.

• Food

There are many African restaurants that in Dubai but the foods are generally more expensive. You know they are imported and not sole in every market. You can visit any African supermarket in the city for your shopping.

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