Top Best Apps to Ease the Process of Writing

Top Best Apps to Ease the Process of Writing

Writer’s block. Sounds familiar? More often than not, college and university students find themselves stuck in the middle of some complex assignment, not knowing where to move next. Inspiration can seem to be lost for good, with no hope for coming back soon. However, today’s tech progress provides you with a great opportunity to use a lot of creative apps and websites that help you make the process of writing as easy and enjoyable as possible. In this article, we have covered some of the most popular apps that most undergrads use to handle the most ambitious writing projects in the classroom.


One of the most popular writing tools is ProWritingAid. The app serves as your personal writing coach, style guide, and online editor – everything at once. Use ProWritingAid to highlight the key pitfalls in your essays, book reviews, coursework, and so on. If your average grammar checker fails to detect abstract words, unclear transitions, overused words, and so on, this wonderful tool will save the day.

The tool is available free of charge. All you have to do is to upload your papers and enjoy over 20 detailed writing reports. The latter will help you boost both the clarity and strength of your content easily and fast.

Once you upload your piece, you will get a general overview of it, including recommendations on how to enhance your writing’s quality as soon as possible.

In contrast to most editing software, ProWritingAid has more software integrations, such as Google Docs, Chrome, Scrivener, Open Office, and MS Word. Thus, you have an opportunity to edit whenever you work on your project.


If there’s an urgent need to check your essay’s readability, there’s no better way to do that than using Hemingway. You just copy and paste your paper and the program analyzes it pretty fast. If you’re on the lookout for the tool that will help you simplify your writing, Hemingway will serve you well! It’s no doubt, even Ernest himself wouldn’t do it better.

The tool enables you to find out if your sentences or phrases are difficult to read, and if you can change some complex terms with simple words. What is more, Hemingway informs you if you’re using passive voice or adverbs too much throughout your content. Together with the online version, you’re welcome to use the desktop variant available for Mac and PC.


When you’re a college student required to compose an essay, you have to keep in mind that many essays require solid storytelling skills. If you’re assigned to accomplish a narrative essay, you will have to be able to tell an interesting story that will hook your readers. You can just start writing stories like Stephen King. However, with help of Toontastic, you will learn how to make up impressive stories. The app will enable you to share visual stories that will make your writing attractive, as a result. 

Writing Challenge

If you’re looking for a reliable source to dig creative ideas from, consider using Writing Challenge. Once you press the Start button, you’re provided with your first prompt. After that, the app will give you more prompts at certain intervals. You’re welcome to use each in order to come up with new ideas, build dialogues and characters (if needed), and ensure your story is provided with the best settings possible.


Most college and university students get distracted when it comes to working on their essays and research papers. If distraction is your enemy as well, FocusWriter will save the day. When you’re on a tough deadline or trying to accomplish a complex project, FocusWriter is here to help.

The app helps you focus on your academic assignments by providing you with a distraction-free and clean word processor interface. As a result, you have a chance to write your essay without worrying about the clutter on the laptop screen. If you have not the slightest idea of how to run your first draft, FocusWriter is a wonderful place to cope with the task.


Our lives are full and varied, and every single day has many numerous things that go on. If you’d like to document those things, Diaro provides you with an opportunity to keep every precious moment. The app doesn’t provide you with professional assignment help; however, it can be used for writing notes or even keeping a journal.

Feel free to make use of Diaro in order to keep your memories and thoughts documents and well organized. You have an opportunity to also attach locations or photos to each of your entries and share them with your friends via social networking sources or email. In other words, using this app, you will forget about worrying about someone reading your secrets! Your diary will be strictly protected by a password.


If you don’t feel like using MS Office or you are just looking for similar options, take a look at what LibreOffice has to offer. The app is a free alternative to MS Office, and it includes similar features that MS Office has.

The user gets the word processor for free. It serves well for those stuck with academic writing assignments. The app will help you get the projects done without the necessity to spend a fortune. The options like PPTX, DOCX, and XLSX that are available with MS Office are also supported in LibreOffice.


If you’re searching for apps to get unstuck and move forward with your college essay ideas, Oflow will become your savior. The app comprises more than 150 various creative prompts and recommendations to help your brain generate more successful ideas.

Oflow has a simple and user-friendly design. Besides, it is well-organized that makes the app a perfect option for those on the lookout for on-the-spot inspiration. Download the app to keep notes, set daily reminders, and save your best ideas. What is more, the users can even share ideas with pals and colleagues via Facebook, email, and Twitter.

Of course, the apps given above are not going to make you a professional writer or editor. However, the options covered in this article will 100% help you boost your prose and focus on the process of work. Without an easy-to-use app, writing becomes tougher than it actually is. Make sure to simplify your academic routine and kick start your writing success with these apps!

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