How The Digital Marketing Affects The Growth Of Dental Marketing

How The Digital Marketing Affects The Growth Of Dental Marketing

The dental industry is stuck in a situation where it is trying its best to provide excellent services to its existing patients and, on the other hand, struggling to attract new patients at its dental clinic. One of the main reasons for this problem is that the dental industry is still using traditional marketing methods rather than digital marketing solutions.

Digital marketing has now become an essential part of the marketing methods of all businesses and is equally important for the dental practice as well.

It is high time for our dental industry to switch to digital marketing rather than traditional dental marketing services.

Many dentists have adopted digital marketing methods and techniques for providing dental marketing services to their patients. However, if you are not one of them, then here are some benefits of it that you may be missing out on.

Please read the following benefits carefully, as they are why you will be defining why you need to switch to digital marketing to grow your dental business.

1. Digital marketing increases your brand awareness.

Any marketing method, traditional or digital, aims at increasing the awareness of your brand amongst people, and fortunately, both succeed in achieving their aim. But digital marketing helps you in eliminating your competition by targeting specific and appropriate audiences. You can easily target your audience depending on their needs and preferences. Another advantage of running a digital ad campaign for your digital marketing services is that they have more chances of getting converted when compared with the conversion rate of traditional marketing methods.

2. Digital marketing services reduce your marketing costs.

The cost of digital marketing is very low than the cost of traditional marketing methods. Thus, while providing dental marketing services to your patients through digital marketing methods and techniques, you can easily decrease the overall cost of your marketing budget.

According to many studies done, it is reported that

• An average cost of a 30-second television ad is approximately between 3 to 4 lakhs rupees.
• The cost of an ad per inch in a newspaper is approximately 800 rupees.
• The cost of telemarketing lies between 35 to 40 thousand rupees per order.

On the other hand,

• The cost of pay-per-click marketing ads lies between 4 rupees to 400 rupees per visitor.
• Some methods of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, are almost free of cost.

3. Digital marketing leads to increased return on investment.

Decreased marketing costs and increased return on investment are directly proportional to each other. Therefore, the increased return on investments is a direct result of a reduction in marketing costs.

As discussed above, running ad campaigns through digital marketing and attracting new patients is way less expensive than attracting patients with traditional dental marketing services. 

Obviously, instead of paying 10,000 rupees, you are paying only 100 rupees for an ad that is further generating the same amount of leads for you. As a result, your profit margin will tend to increase.

4. Digital marketing leads to granular marketing.

Through traditional methods of marketing, your ad reaches millions of people. It is one of the main reasons you have to pay a huge amount for traditional dental marketing services. Wanting their ad to reach an enormous number of people and people aware of their products and services, brands prefer traditional marketing services. But the truth is that it is not the same as what it appears to be.

Amongst those thousands of people, there may be hundreds of people who neglect your ad as they are least interested in dental services. But you are still paying for them. It makes traditional marketing costlier for you.

On the other hand, by providing dental marketing services by using digital marketing, you will be getting more granular with your advertisements.

It means that you can easily target a specific audience you would prefer to show your ad, those interested in your ads. 

Targeting specific audiences interested in your services and paying only for them will make your practice more precise and effective. 

5. You can analyze the accurate results through digital marketing.

Analytics is a critical component of almost every marketing campaign. When you run an ad, you will be eagerly waiting for the results. You would wish to measure the results generated by your ad campaign. However, it is very tough to measure or calculate the results generated by traditional marketing methods.

The only way you can find out who is visiting you after viewing your traditional marketing ad is by conducting a survey or asking them directly. Unfortunately, this will be a very long as well as time-consuming process.

On the other hand, digital marketing provides you with some advanced tools that will give you immediate and accurate results.

You can analyze the results and find out the types of ads generating more leads and the ads with the lowest engagements.

It will help you in eliminating the low-performing ads and including more attractive ads.

Also, this will help you in optimizing your ad budget. 

6. You can nurture your leads through digital marketing.

You are not allowed to nurture your leads through maximum forms of traditional marketing. Any customer who has a question or wants to avail of your service, after viewing your standard ad, has no other way to engage with you rather than find you and then contact you.

Whereas digital marketing services offer you facilities where you can create specific ad campaigns to nurture your leads.

You can provide your audience with accurate and appropriate information that they are looking for. It also increases your conversion rate as you can be leading them from being your audience to being your buyer. 


Digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to attract new patients to your dental office and grow your dental business. Use digital marketing tools and tactics to be appropriate and help you make out the most low-cost and high returns techniques.

Your competitors are also using digital marketing services, and so should you. In any case, if they are not using it, then take advantage of it and reach the top and stand out of the crowd with these digital marketing services for your dental clinic.

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