Step By Step Guide On How To Make Digital Marketing Simple

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Digital Marketing Simple
Digital marketing is popular because of the extensive usage of the internet.
Back then, not many people had phones or computers. Currently, things are different, as it's possible to do a lot online. 
Companies are adapting to this new way of marketing. 
Since users can access data online, businesses have gone the digital way. They build an online presence to help increase sales. 

Such companies must plan well if they want to be effective. There are many factors to put in mind when marketing your company online. This article focuses on the roles of digital marketing specialists

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Many companies are hiring digital marketers. You may be wondering what roles they play. So, what is digital marketing? Traditional marketing reaches customers via papers, radio, TV. Digital marketing is on the internet. Using social media platforms, phones, and search engines to reach customers.  It's a way that links you to your customers through online platforms.

Goals of a Digital Marketer

• Attract visitors to your site
• Promote your brand 
• Entice buyers into buying your product or service

Digital marketing covers a lot of ground. (SEO, PPC, content, email, and affiliate marketing.) These unique aspects can help you in many ways.

Brand Growth. Engage and interact with your customers and build bonds in real-time. It is a two-way process, with quick response. A user may buy your product even if it's the first time to meet your brand. 

Global reach

Your business is for specific audiences or target locations on a worldwide scale. Anyone can access your page from around the world.

Reduced cost

It's much cheaper than other forms of marketing. In some other cases, it is free.

Create a level playing field

Allows you to compete with other business. The size or budget of marketing doesn't matter.


 Users can use various devices to access the content. Interact with buyers through all devices. (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones)


Read the metrics and get insights. You can measure your progress through the parameters. The number of clicks or impressions, etc.

What is strategy?

It's the master plan of how you will achieve your goals. You may wish to increase newsletter subscribers. Or, reach a certain number of sales by a target date. The plan must contain ways to help you reach your goal. 

People can find you at the exact point they are looking for your product. These are the people you should target. You can achieve this through ads, SEO, etc. The marketer must increase online presence, and they help sites to stand out. 

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Roles of a digital marketing strategist

Come up with a plan for online marketing. Without a plan, you won't achieve much. Plan how to handle SEO, email marketing, and social media. Get tools for Web analytics. 
● Create quality content
● Build a presence online through quality content. 
● Know how to claim your business. 
● Promote business online using various digital channels

A skilled digital marketing strategist should know aspects of marketing. Be familiar with all tools for use, and be a specialist in all fields.

Essential Disciplines of digital marketing

● Social Media marketing
● Email marketing 
● Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
● Content Marketing
● Adverts.

Simple steps to guide a Digital Marketing Specialist

Create buyer personas

Tools like Persona Creator helps get information about the target audience. It will help you create specific content.

Set Goals

First, develop measurable goals. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to increase sales? What tool will measure performance? 
Can you tell me when you meet your goals? It will help you stay focused and get some direction. Tools like Google Analytics are perfect for this.

Effective Blogging

Content marketing enables users to learn about your brand through your page. Ensure the content is well written and addresses the needs of your customers. Quality content will drive more traffic to your site. It will put your neck and neck with rivals. 

Use your blogs to build your social media presence. Update old content, and use the page as a marketing platform. Visitors may sign for your newsletters or buy your product. Make sure to use both internal and external links to increase your chance of being found.

Evaluate your current marketing channels

Can you tell if your digital marketing channels are great? Will you use them next time? Are you using them the right way? Can you improve the less effective? Only use channels that worked for you before.

Auto marketing

Simplify your work by using new and updated technology or tools. Use this software to automate email marketing and such like. 

Optimize your page for mobile phone

Not all visitors who land on your page use desktops. What of those that have mobiles? Will they be able to access your site? Use nail mobile settings. Customize emails to suit mobiles.

Be Accessible

Can clients reach you? Most companies have an opt-in that allows contact. They may give their email address for any help.

Consider adding the chat button, or including the company's contacts. Engage your users since they may buy your product. If they can't reach you, you may lose out on leads. 

Use technology

Make use of technology that speeds up the whole process of marketing. For instance, manual email marketing takes long. Why not use tools to reach clients in seconds? Other tools can help you check your metrics. 

Check the rank of other companies.

What separates you from your rivals? Why do their websites rank high on search engines? What makes them unique? Is your site unique? Do keyword research and make comparisons. Fix any significant issues. 

Keep track of results.

Are there any clicks? Keep track of all these to note what works and what doesn't. It'll help you know if you met your goals. In the end, you will have to write a report. 

A digital marketing specialist must perfect all aspects of marketing. Being an SEO expert only doesn't make you a digital marketer. If you only do content marketing, you aren't a specialist. Digital marketing combines all these aspects. The marketer should be able to manage his team. It'll help them all work as one unit.
It's a long-term process Post-purchase experience matters. The buyer may recommend you or make another purchase.
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The article was submitted by Precious Chieke, the digital marketing team lead at bleautech.org
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