All There is To Know About Electronic Sign in Systems for Schools

All There is To Know About Electronic Sign in Systems for Schools

If you have any influence over the purchase of things like safety equipment for schools then you really should consider buying an electronic school sign in system.
Not only do they offer safety which, in this day and age is more important than ever before, they also offer costs savings and efficiencies when it comes to admin time, it could be one of the most significant purchases that you’ll make in some time. Even better still, they can be used in virtually any school and in with a number of different uses;

Visitor Management Service

The electronic devices records and stores information of all visitors to the site and, or to a cloud including their photo, their name, their time of arrival, and their departure time on a secure and encrypted database. This Management feature is especially beneficial to schools as it helps them meet regulatory safety requirements.

Notification If Students Are Late

If a student is late to School, then, school sign in systems from Taremtec sendan automated email notification is send to the SchoolManager or any person in charge of student welfare, this feature can be also be available to parents. Some of the systems also come with printed lateness slips for the parents or guardians to sign by way of acknowledgment.

Emergency contacts

The system will also hold anemergency contact list which enables schools to access details of staff and visitors on site when there is a fire or emergency incident. They can be notified from any mobile or tablet device.

Total security

In today’s world you can never be too sure and certainly schools are responsible for recording all visitors on site, these systems ensure secure, electronic storage of details including names and photos of any person collecting a child early from school be they a parent, guardian, or other named person.

20” and 10” Touchscreen Versions

You also get a choice of intuitive modern looking touchscreens with an integrated webcam that enables visitors to sign in and out at the reception desk. Their pictures are automatically taken during the sign in process and printed on a badge that can be worn whilst they are at the school.

DBS Notification

Police clearance checks are ever more important, once of the beauties of these systems is that they enable DBS expiry dates of staff and regular visitors to be stored, and also provide notification to management when they are due for renewal.

Staff Notifications

Once the visitor has electronically signed in, an email and/or text message will be sent to the appropriate staff member informing them that their visitor has arrived and is waiting at reception.

MIS Integration

Integrates well with the majority of school management information systems.

GDPR Compliant

All data stored on the system is held on a secure and encrypted database that only authorized staff have access to.

Events ManagementSystem

The ability to pre-book visitors and clients prior to their arrival. As a result, they will be able to collect their pass as soon as they arrive, greatly reducing the amount of time spent at the reception desk.

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