A Guide to Hi-End Technical Logistics

A Guide to Hi-End Technical Logistics

We are definitely living in a digital world and the logistics industry is evolving alongside the new generation of digital equipment we are seeing introduced into our lives. Touch-screen information boards and huge 4k video advertising screens are just some of the innovative devices and gadgets that are coming into production, replacing mechanical, analogue equipment.

Specialist Logistics

Let’s take a million-pound MRI scanner as an example; equipment like this cannot be handled by anyone who is not certified and with special companies like Rhenus High Tech, final mile delivery services transport, install and calibrate this complex equipment. This type business offers a wide range of technical services, such as:

Final mile delivery – When equipment is handed over to the white glove logistics team at a nearby location and the entire operation is handled by the technicians, including handling, securing the equipment and calibrating for testing. An MRI scanner or large generator would be the kind of equipment that would require final mile services.
Data Centres – Many large businesses have data centres and this is a job for the white glove team, who are able to install and relocate data centres. Once the racking and servers are in place, the technicians set up the network and can bring the system online and also manage, should that be required.
Reverse Logistics – If a piece of equipment has reached the end of its life, it needs to be dismantled and transported back to the manufacturer and this is yet another service offered by the white glove logistics provider. It might require repairs that cannot be carried out onsite and the equipment would be returned to the OEM.
Full Technical Installation – This is a service that is required across many business sectors; healthcare, airlines, banking and finance, warehousing and manufacturing, to name but a few. If you are a budding entrepreneur, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.
Demo Equipment – In many industries, technical equipment is given to the end user in a demonstration capacity and the white glove technicians install and manage demo equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This is often the way that innovative medical equipment is introduced to hospitals, giving the medical professionals an opportunity to test the equipment in the field.
Touch-Screen Technology – While we all use touch-screens on our mobile devices, this technology is now being used with information boards and can be incorporated into large digital advertising screens. This equipment does require specialised handling, which is provided by the white glove logistics company.

Product Certification

When dealing with very complex equipment, the logistics team must be certified by the manufacturer and the only way to obtain this is to attend OEM workshops and seminars that teach technicians what they need to know.
White glove technicians tend to specialise with specific types of equipment and must spend a lot of their time learning about new equipment.

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