How Cryptocurrency Is Used In Online Casino Websites?

How Cryptocurrency Is Used In Online Casino Websites?

Once upon a time, people used to go to physical casinos for playing games and also for gambling. The entire scenario changed with the advent of the Smartphone and the Internet. People stopped going to physical casinos and instead, started playing from the comfort of their home. Games are much easy to play when you are doing it from your Smartphone and hence many people have opted for this version. You can play whenever you want to, whether it is a rainy day or sunny day. Keeping with the trend, many online websites have come up in the market and they all give tall promises to draw more customers to their website.

The land based casinos have also come up with their own website so that their existing customers do not go away to other casinos. But one must be careful that not all of these websites are genuine and many have a bad record of running away with the winning money of the players. Hence it is very much necessary that you should go to a reliable website and play through them. Hence you should play through a reliable website like 888 casino where you can be assured of getting the winning tips. They will not only give you good tips, but also you will get your winning money on time into your account.

You need to be very much clear about the payment process as it very vital. Interestingly, most of the online casinos accept crypto currency as their payment option. In fact, online casinos were one of the few early platforms where use of crypto currency was accepted from the very early stage. Players also love this option as it is considered to be a very fast option of payment, whereas slow payment process is one of the drawbacks of the industry. In the business of online casinos, payment through crypto currency generally occurs in seconds, while the other payment options take a few days time. Hence it is a convenient payment option to other players also. 

Secondly, while making payment through crypto currency, providing the bank account details are not needed as it acts a digital payment platform. Hence you can maintain your privacy and your bank account details will also be safe as they will not be able to reach to your bank account. Since the payment process with crypto currency is fast and safe, many players now prefer this option for financial dealings with the online casinos. Hence almost all the major online casinos, whether big or small, are now keeping the crypto currency payment option in their website to satisfy the demand of the players.

The craze for crypto currency started from around 2010, but the craze became higher from the year 2017. Many people started buying crypto currency and storing it in their wallets for payment to other service providers. People used to find some risk in disclosing their bank account details to the service providers as they were afraid of hacking. Crypto currency was a perfect solution to this problem.

Here are the processes of depositing and withdrawing money in an online casino with the help of crypto currency.

1. Open a wallet

There are many crypto wallets available in the market and you need to open a wallet first and deposit some crypto currency there. Many wallets like Bitcoin are available in the market and you need to choose a one as per your need and convenience. All transactions like deposit and withdrawal are going to take place through this wallet.

2. Fund the wallet

Once the wallet has been opened, you need to fund it as per the existing rate in the market. All wallets have a market value and it changes on a daily basis. Hence according to the market value of the day, you will have to fund it with the help of your debit or credit card or wire transfer, whichever is convenient to you. The values of these currencies fluctuate on a daily basis just like other fiat currencies.

3. Pick up the site

You will have to pick up the right website where you need to play your games. Be careful while choosing the right website as this is the most vital step. If you have any confusion on the matter, you may go through some gaming review websites and read their suggestions thoroughly. They always provide a list of gaming websites. You go to each of them and see the terms and conditions of each of them. Every gaming website has a policy of its own and you need to go through them before you join.

4. See the bonus offers

Almost all of these websites offer lucrative bonus in order to attract new gamers and also benefit the existing ones. You must go through each of them and decide which offer is most suitable for you.  Many gaming websites prefer the deposit of crypto currency and they offer some extra bonus for those depositors over the credit or debit card ones. Read a few reviews to know which website offers some extra sweet pennies for the ones who are depositing by crypto currency.

5. Make the deposit

Doing the deposit with a crypto currency is a very simple process. Before depositing, you need to contact the cash officer of the website and know the address of that particular wallet of the site operator. Just enter this information into your wallet and select the amount you are planning to transfer to the gaming site and press Enter. It will take a few seconds and your gambling account will be loaded with money and it may get reconverted to USD or EURO according to the site.

6. Going for a withdrawal

While doing the withdrawal, you need to go to the cashier and give to him your crypto currency address and the amount you want to withdraw. They will transfer the amount into your crypto wallet and from there you can withdraw it into your bank account or you can keep it there for retransfer.

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