Sporting Events WhereThe Bettors Bet Maximum Money

Sporting Events WhereThe Bettors Bet Maximum Money

The online casino and betting industry has become one of the biggest industries of the world, in terms of revenue generation is concerned. Among them, sport betting is considered to be a very big one as approximately around $700 m to $1 trillion of revenue is expected from it in a single calendar year round the year. Millions of people play casino games or do sports betting from their home computer or Smartphone every year.

Earlier, people used to go to physical casinos for playing casino games or for sports betting. The entire concept changed with the advent of the Internet as people started playing online games from their home or office. The trend became more popular after the advent of the Smartphone in the market. As more people started buying Smartphone, they prefer playing these online sports betting from the gadget in their hand.

Keeping with the trend, many physical casinos also started opening their own websites just to keep their own customer base intact. After all, nobody wants to lose their own customer base to other casino companies. As the market for online sports betting expanded, many new websites came into the market and they started luring new players to increase their customer base. If you are new to online sports betting, you must be careful about choosing the best online sports betting website for betting or for playing casino. If you are a resident of Africa, you must go to the reliable website online-casinos-ghana.com and get a name of few reliable African websites for playing casino games or do sports betting. You will not only get good tips, but also get your money on right time into your bank account.

The sports betting is drawing huge amount of revenue each year and let us see which are the events drawing responsible for engaging such huge crowd into the business. 

FIFA World Cup

Football is still considered as the most popular sport in the world even now and hence it is expected to contribute around 70% of the above-mentioned $1 trillion. Though the event takes place once in every four years, it offers a lot of betting opportunities to the gamblers at large. The competition starts with around 210 participating countries getting into the qualifying rounds. They play between themselves to reach to the final list of 32 countries. Though no official figure is available about how much money is involved in the betting process, the approximate figure stands out to be around $260 million. It is considered to be the biggest sporting event of the year and millions of people from almost all countries of the world bet in this tournament. Africa has a rich history of football and some of the African nations had reached the final level of the tournament also a many number of times. So, sports lovers from the African nations participate a lot in sports betting during the FIFA World Cup football tournament. Statistics is not available on how much the African sports lovers contribute to this huge amount of $1 trillion of the sports annually.

The Super Bowl

Speaking on the context of American background, National Football League is considered to be the king of National Football League. This particular sport also involves a lot of betting and many people say it considers almost half of all the sports betting which are done in the USA. Many people are of the opinion that the Super Bowl is the most popular betting event in the entire year of the sporting calendar. In the year 2018, in the event of Super Bowl LII, a record breaking betting amount of $158.6 million was noted at the Nevada Sportsbooks. This figure broke the record of $138.5 million in the Super Bowl LI which was held in the previous year. However, these were only the official figures and the reality may be much bigger than it. According to the figures given by the American Gaming Association, the actual figure may trigger around the figure of $4.76 billion. This sport draws huge number of supporters every year not only in America, but also from many African and European nations. The rewards offered in right betting are lucrative in this tournament.

The event known as March Madness

The NCAA event is one of the most popular events held in American sports every year. The event is a great highlight both for the bettors and sports fans. The tournament attracts sports lovers not only from America alone, but also a large number of viewers from the African nations also. This is mainly because many African origin players play quite well in the NCAA matches and some of them have attained the status of a superstar. Many Africans bet on those teams where these players are playing the NCAA matches. Around 68 teams play among each other to win the national championship title. Though the exact amount of betting cannot be known, but the figures available with the American Gaming Association claim that an amount not less than $10 billion is put on this event during the one month duration of this tournament. But the interesting fact is that around 3% of this amount is bet legally and the rest through some illegal routes. The authorities put a blind eye to this fact.

The Kentucky Derby

It is a very interesting and important horse racing competition which is held in the USA. It is also a very long running sports event in the entire USA. The venue of the event is on first Saturday of the month of May in the race track of Churchill Downs in the city of Louisville in Kentucky. The term known as the Run for the Roses is also termed as the fastest two minutes in the game of sport. That particular event draws a huge crowd of 150,000 on the track. Added to this is the large number of viewers who are watching the event from home. The amount of bet in this racing event stands at around $209 million in 2019.

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