5 Amazing Tips How You Can Earn Money Online From Being An Artist

5 Amazing Tips How You Can Earn Money Online From Being An Artist

There are certain notions that artists don’t make enough money from their creative skills. However, in today’s digitalized age, where art is reformed with technology, artists can make as much money as they want. There is a market for almost every skill on the internet space, and artistry has its market.

Many opportunities avail to make money online, and possessing a high-income skill is the best way to go. So as an artist, you are one step ahead of the competition with your craft.

Deciding on ways to sell art online to make enough money can be frustrating. You might not know where to focus your attention or where to begin. To ease the process, below are methods to engage in earning money online by being an artist.

5 Amazing Tips How You Can Earn Money Online From Being An Artist

• Create A Brand

If you are looking to make money online, then creating a brand is a way to begin. Your brand creates an immediate awareness of your artistry to the public and drives people towards your art.

While developing your brand, outline essential aspects of your work, select your preferred medium, whether watercolor or oils- something that can captivate the viewer and become engraved in their memory.

You can’t make money online if people aren’t aware of what you do. So creating a brand puts you in the limelight and, in turn, drives customers towards your art. When there are customers, there are sales. 

• Teach Art Online

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is by teaching what you know. The knowledge and experience you have are so valuable that you can share and make money through it.

Teaching art either online or offline and earning from it don’t require any college degree. You can start with some tutorial videos on YouTube and share them on different social media platforms, different groups and forums.

You can engage in launching an online course or take a one-on-one offline class in your locale. Be intentional about it by devoting your time and effort to creating your online course, advertising and selling it on the internet.

• Sell Arts on Instagram

Instagram has turned out to be the No. 1 social media handle for art lovers and artists. As an artist, you can connect with buyers worldwide who are willing to pay for your work by simply displaying your creativity on your posts.

Paste high-quality images of your artwork, write unique captions that illustrate a story and engage in relevant hashtags and language representing your art. 

The number of engaged followers you have popularizes your Instagram account and creates a higher demand for your art. 

• Receive Commissioned Work

 One of the most profitable ways of selling art online and earning cool cash is by doing commissioned artwork. You get authorized to create paintings in houses or offices. Clients entrust special art projects to you, and you get paid.

To benefit maximally from the method, you need to ensure people are aware of your services. Advertise yourself on various social media handles, and you can also check sites such as ArtCorgi or Artfinder, to meet a potential client for commissioned artworks.

5 Amazing Tips How You Can Earn Money Online From Being An Artist

• Affiliate By Selling Wall Arts.

Wall arts are beautiful d├ęcor whose demand is on a high and has a ready market. You can earn passively by creating wall art and offering it on sale online, or you can affiliate with an art firm that deals with wall art like ElephantStock

You get to sell the firm designs and earn massive commissions on each sale. Many people would purchase wall arts because of the feeling it creates in their spaces. It means you would ultimately find buyers for the art and get increasing returns via commission.


Giving value, imparting one’s knowledge, creating solutions and making life easier for people are the best way to position yourself to earn money online.

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