5 Online Streaming Apps That Have The Feature Of Subtitles

5 Online Streaming Apps That Have The Feature Of Subtitles

Subtitles should be considered as one of the best media tools ever created.

They make all kinds of content, especially videos, more accessible to a wider audience, including foreign-language speakers, the deaf, and anyone who can't watch a video with sound. 

With the pandemic coming into play, streaming services have been tightening their hold over the content-hungry market of the world. Online streaming services and websites have swept over the television industry in recent years. People increasingly turn to these services instead of television because they offer more substantial content, exclusive movies and shows, and even direct premieres. 

Any streaming platform would be incomplete without subtitles. If you don't have access to an online streaming platform. You can use VLC Media Player. With the help of CrunchyTicks, you can easily disable the subtitles option on your VLC if you want to. Because most people nowadays enjoy consuming various kinds of content, the majority of which is usually in a foreign language, subtitles have become an essential tool to look out for in a streaming service.

Here are five online streaming services that provide subtitles for their content,


Subscription Prices - 

Mobile: Rs. 199, Basic: Rs.499, Standard: Rs. 649, Premium: Rs. 799 - Monthly

Considered the OG among streaming services, Netflix is unquestionably one of the most popular and renowned subtitled video streaming service providers. This streaming service offers subtitles, often in many languages and not just English. Netflix is available on various platforms, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart televisions. The most significant advantage is that it is available in almost every country and can be accessed in various languages from any location on the planet. 

Amazon Prime Video

Subscription Prices -

Three-month plan: Rs. 329 and 1-year plan: Rs. 999

With a year-long membership to Amazon Prime Video, you can watch thousands of popular TV shows and movies from across the world. This plan also includes Amazon Prime shipping, early access to sales, and ad-free music, among other benefits. Amazon Prime Video has a lot of high-quality content to stream and impressive technical features like 4K HDR streaming and offline downloads. Additionally, Prime Video offers a huge selection of TV shows and movies for rent or purchase. They have also started to invest in more original content exclusive to their platform. More importantly, all of their content has subtitles which makes it a wonderful experience for all people. 


Subscription Prices - 

Three-month plan: Rs. 299 and 1-year plan: Rs. 499(Limited Period)

Zee5 is the ZEE Network's online streaming service. They have everything of the Zee Network's content, including episodes, movies, and even current events. There is also a vast collection of regional shows and films. Follow this link to look through the list of the 10 best Movies and TV Series on Zee5. Furthermore, this streaming service provides subtitles that allow you to enjoy your favorite kind of media in any of the available languages. They even produce original content and breaking news daily. Due to its archival TV material, Zee 5, one of the fastest-growing streaming providers, has a devoted following. 

Disney+ Hotstar

Subscription Prices -

Mobile: Rs. 499,
Super: Rs. 899, Premium: Rs. 1499 - Yearly

Disney+ Hotstar is one of the relatively new streaming platforms to come out. As it is from the media giant themselves, there's no shortage of content on the platform, and it can be considered one of India's biggest streaming services as of 2021. The Disney+ platform provides exclusive/original content such as the Star Wars and Avengers franchises, all Disney and Pixar films, and Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic television shows. Additional licensed content, such as HBO's Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies, is also available. Since it's an international platform that caters to a wide audience, the service also has included subtitles for all the content in many languages.

Sony Liv

Subscription Prices -

Network: Rs. 299, Special+: Rs. 399, Premium: Rs. 999 - Yearly

SonyLIV debuted in India in 2013, with over 18 years of content from Sony Entertainment Network subsidiaries. This equates to over 700 films and over 40,000 hours of television coverage in Hindi, English, and Tamil. It offers a freemium service with free content that viewers can watch without having to sign up and a premium service that is less expensive than international services like Netflix and on par with Amazon Prime. It's also interesting that Sony Liv also has live streaming of sports events and entertainment events like WWE included in the more expensive subscriptions. The streaming service also provides subtitles with most of their content to enjoy without any hassle worldwide. 


With the advent of Netflix into the media space, all entertainment and media companies have followed suit to make their versions of streaming services, and the ones mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from services that require payment, streaming services like MX Player and TVFPlay provide content at no cost and subtitles. Both streaming platforms even produce their shows. 

There are also regional streaming platforms that curate shows and movies in regional languages like Manorama Max(Malayalam), HoiChoi(Bengali), Aha(Telugu), Sun NXT(Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali), and more. These platforms provide English subtitles so that a wide range of audiences can enjoy what regional media has to offer. 

The world has changed. With the rise of streaming services, there is so much more content than ever before, and it is all available on-demand, wherever and whenever we want it. More devices and streaming services facilitate our content needs than ever before; it will be interesting to see what's next after streaming services.

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