5 Tips For Posting Your Epic African Wildlife Videos On Social Media

5 Tips For Posting Your Epic African Wildlife Videos On Social Media

There’s no better place to enjoy wildlife than in Africa. People who have experienced a close encounter with or at least a glimpse of such majestic animals in their natural habitat is definitely an unforgettable experience. Thanks to technology, you have the opportunity to capture those moments in film and look back on them whenever you want or share them within your network.

If you do decide to share your amazing experience, it takes more than just posting raw images and footage on social media platforms. You have to make sure that your posts are captivating, worth your viewer’s time, and that they give justice to what Africa has to offer. Here are some tips that could help out pro and newbie vloggers.

Tell a story

For sure you have experienced a lot of things during your African holiday in the wild but don’t overwhelm your viewers. Sort your content and focus on a specific story, species, location, or event in each post. Set a theme and make it flows well enough to make it fun and easy to watch.

Plan ahead

There’s a huge difference between planning your posts in your mind and noting them down. With a list you could see, it would be easier to create your plan, sort them out, and decide which ones go first and where. Consider all possible platforms and formats. If you are posting for a business, research Facebook Stories or Instagram Reel video ideas to find out what works for your target consumers. This way, you could customize each post to match the acceptable duration and size.

Personalize your post

While there are awesome vlogs out there that you could take inspiration from, it would be nice to add your personal touch and create something that makes your videos your own. You can narrate the video with an overlay of you, explaining or describing the experience or you could video yourself and change the background with an image of what you are talking about.

Don’t skip the ear candy

Do not underestimate background music and sound effects. But don’t overdo it as well. There’s no guarantee that the sounds a camera picks up out there in the wild would be ear candy. Most professional videographers recommend bringing a separate sound recorder to pick up the sounds that most cameras properly won’t. If you should add background music, make sure that it does not overpower the video and any voice overs. And for voice overs, choose a good mic, test it out, and listen like your life depends on it.

Edit and trim

When putting all the elements together, there’s a possibility that the video will be long and dragging. Remember that the human attention span is just somewhere around six seconds so make sure that your video is short and sweet. If there’s no way to make significant trims, keep the level of entertainment consistent all throughout the video. 

Go wild and creative

Posting about Africa’s wildlife will never get old. Whether you are out to post content for your personal blog or as a digital marketing strategy for your business, your unique experience and discerning eye for good quality videos, will make all the difference between a mediocre post and one that will make viewers want to watch and share. These tips are here to help you put out meaningful content that not only boosts your credibility as a vlogger or a brand but also encourages and inspires viewers to support Africa’s effort to preserve their wildlife.

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