How the Pandemic Impacts the Usage of Technology in Everyday Life

How the Pandemic Impacts the Usage of Technology in Everyday Life

The Chinese authorities confirmed their first incidence of Coronavirus in 2019. Yet, no one expected it to spread as quickly as it did. The flu virus spread worldwide in a matter of months, which was cause for concern. That's when things went to hell in March 2020. Countries closed their borders, separating those on the inside from anyone outside.

There was no traveling, no physically connecting with others, and no active brick and mortar businesses. And everyone began to wonder what might happen next.

Technology was the only saving grace. Digital technology was the new way for people to stay sane and stay in business. How? This post covers all about the use of digital technologies during the pandemic.

Significant Technology Usage During the Pandemic 

To gauge the technology impact of COVID, we have to understand the technologies that are in play. Digital technology consists of two major sections, hardware and software. So here is how specific sectors started utilizing each.

Medical facilities mainly started using computers and mobile devices. Gadgets such as wearable tech, robots, video devices, sensors, and 3D machines became more common.

On the software front, video-based communication became the most used. Technology in healthcare had the entire medical community use these channels.

Technology usage in education had all learning institutions shift towards using mobile phones and web-cam area. The software was a video-based communication. The primary users of these are educators as well as learners worldwide.

There was also a significant shift on the economic front. Professionals started using mobile devices plus webcam-enabled computers to carry out transactions. For example, lawyers stopped attending court sessions in person and instead used video conferencing.

And the dominant software was telework technology. Employees, scientists, information experts, and researchers are the primary users. 

Technology during the pandemic also had individuals globally upgrading and start using drones, mobile devices, robots, automated cars, and cameras for interactions. Social media became the leading software in interactions.

How Pandemic has influenced Technology Usage 

Here are the ways that connect technology and the pandemic:

Enhanced Communication To and From

The pandemic has influenced the use of digital technology to improve communication across most sectors. Medical practitioners use digital technology to keep communication open throughout the world. 

Governments used digital media to pass messages on updates about the virus, plus assure their people of the progress. Educators connect with students, employees with their employers, and individuals with family and friends.

People could not travel or move freely. But they could communicate, thanks to technology.

Continuation of Work and Learning Through the Work-From-Home Culture

Across all industries, the work-from-home culture became the new norm. All professionals jumped on any digitally powered software to remain productive.

Working from home is better because a Stanford study confirms working from home increases your productivity by about 13%. Another survey states that someone also becomes 77% more productive when working remotely.

Tech-savvy Companies Have Grown Significantly 

Digital technologies’ advantages were also felt by technology companies who got an opportunity to grow. Zoom, a video conferencing company, saw a 326% increase in revenue in 2020. And that was just one of the many companies that have grown over the past twelve months.

How the Pandemic Impacts the Usage of Technology in Everyday Life

Today we see significant growth in cybersecurity, video-conferencing, and cloud technology—similarly, digital money exchange platforms, blockchain, and several more. 

Millions of websites have also surfaced growth. They include blogs, healthcare sites, gaming, and casinos sites. Today, there are more casino sites, with the most profitable ones making it to the top 10 casino list.

The Usage of Digital Technology has Reduced the Spread of the Virus

One of the most commendable digital technology benefits the world celebrates is a significant reduction in virus spreading. Through digital media, individuals have changed their habits to become more aware. It is the norm to sanitize, wear face masks, and maintain social distance. 

These three are the most effective ways to curbing Covid. Using digital money, staying at home, working remotely have also helped.

The Negative Impacts of the Uses Of Digital Technologies After The Pandemic

On the other side of the coin, there are specific negative impacts of digital technology.

Gig workers Suffer Job Losses 

Gig workers are employees of companies such as Uber and the likes. These are jobs that depend on people moving from place to place. 

With the work-from-home culture plus the social constraints, they have suffered a drastic decline in income. Some of them even lost their jobs.

There is a Significant Increase in the Digital Divide

Not everyone has access to the internet. The most affected people are the ones in developing countries. They lack smart devices and internet access. Also, those living where the governments have enforced internet shutdowns suffer the same. 

This affects the use of technology in teaching, business, and service provision in such areas.

An Increase in Internet Fraud

Even with the exponential growing use of digital technologies across industries, online fraud has also been rising. Now there are more cases of fraud reported worldwide. 

In May 2020, about 45% of respondents in a survey reported that cyber fraud had increased. And an extra 60% is expected a rise in the next twelve months. So, even post-corona, online fraud will be a tough battle to fight.

Bottom Line 

Without a doubt, digital technology's benefits outweigh the downsides. This is because, for a problem such as internet fraud, there is a solution. And this is the improvement of the cybersecurity sector. 

Today, online businesses have upgraded their security system, ensuring the safety of their users. The pandemic did a number on the human race, economically and socially, but we did rise to the occasion. All thanks to digital technology. 

So, in your own words, what can you say about how the pandemic has influenced your use of technology? Leave us a comment below.

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Arthur Rowley is a freelance writer. He mainly specializes in technology and the game industry. Arthur likes everything to do with technology and video games. He looks into the future of technology and is very excited about its daily metamorphosis and hopes in the future for what lies behind the curtain of technological development.

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