5 QuickBooks Tips That Help Simplify Your Life

5 QuickBooks Tips That Help Simplify Your Life

QuickBook is a necessity for business owners who are looking to simplify their record-keeping processes and bring accurate bookkeeping to their business.

This software is a financial accounting software created by Intuit. It has gained popularity for its ease of use and highly customizable interface, not to mention its reliability in money management for businesses.

With the demand for this cloud-based solution, the creators of this software showed its users they could keep up with technology and trends by adding a cloud application version of the software called QuickBooks online. This new addition lets eInvoice and eReceipt applications integrate nicely with this software to help manage business invoices and receipts. 

However, no matter how smart and easy to use the software is, there is no understating the value of having simple tips and tricks to enhance the use of this software. That is why we are bringing you five QuickBook tips to simplify your life, which will make your work more comfortable and save your time. 

❖ Start With The 'Getting Started Tutorials' 

It is always a good idea to first go through the tutorial if you are new to any piece of software. Going through the 'Getting Started Tutorial' is the most crucial tip to simplify your life using this software. This is because while QuickBook may be easy and straightforward to use, there is a learning curve, and going through this tutorial will help you get more comfortable with the software and how it works. 

The tutorial explains how to carry out tasks like managing bills, inputting product costs, reconciling accounts, and much more. Luckily for businesses, these tutorials are well structured, very practical, and straight to the point making all the concepts easy to learn in the shortest time possible. Taking time out to first go through this tutorial will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes, saving you time and money in the future.

❖ Register With Your Correct Company Information

While this seems obvious, you will be surprised at the number of businesses that sign up for QuickBook without using their correct company data. Make sure to input accurate details of your business and any other relevant information. This will help your company avoid any later inconveniences because the software will produce reliable results. 

Information like your organization's business structure, it's reporting form, Tax ID number, calendar your company uses in reporting, and so on are some of the information you need to enter with accuracy. By simply using the 'Company Tab' to enter this information correctly into the QuickBook system, you can avoid problems like subpar recommendations or poor results from the software. With the help of websites like Writing Judge and Best Writers Online, you can get the best writing service reviews in order to properly structure essential documents to make sure data is imputted correctly.

P.S: Make sure to double-check that the information inputs are correct to avoid any mistakes. 

❖ Back-Up Data0

5 QuickBooks Tips That Help Simplify Your Life

Make sure you backup all your Data on the QuickBook software to secure it and avoid loss, which will lead to a stress-free life. As humans, it is easy for us to forget to do certain things we set out to do e.g., backing up data. Luckily for us, this software takes this into account and has the automatic schedule backup feature that makes sure you have backups of all your data in case of an incident. 

If you use QuickBooks Online, then your data will be automatically backed up to the cloud, if not, integrate your backup solutions software with your QuickBook software for that added security.

❖ Print Checks Directly 

Another life and time-saving QuickBooks tip are the print checks feature on QuickBooks. Printing checks is typically an inexpensive task to accomplish; however, it is time-consuming and redundant. Using the 'Banking Tab' on your QuickBook helps you to print checks quickly. How to use:

• Go to 'Banking Tab' on QuickBooks and click on it,
• Options will appear, click on the option 'Write Checks' 
• Then, follow the instructions listed to proceed to the next step
• The print option will appear, click on this to print checks

This QuickBooks feature helps businesses with their monthly reconciliation and removes the need to outsource paychecks fees to your bank. 

❖ Merge Similar Accounts On QuickBooks

Our last QuickBooks tips is the ability to merge similar accounts. If your organization has been using QuickBooks for a while, you might experience lagging because you will discover that similar accounts may have been set up by different employees in the organization to carry out various tasks. Lagging could also be a result of creating multiple customer accounts for one customer. No worries; this can easily be fixed, making your final accounts easier to process and handle. Here is how to do it:

• Choose an account name, then proceed to another account you want to merge it to
• Right-click on this account and choose the paste option
• This will merge all the accounts you want to be combined. 
• Then, click on the save, the QuickBook software will create a prompt asking if you want all the accounts to be merged.
• Click on yes and save.


While these are just a few QuickBooks tips, we can guarantee that if you use any of them, they will not only simplify your work on this software but ensure that you finish up in a shorter period.

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