Instagram Marketing For Beginners: A Must-Follow Guide For 2021 & Beyond

Instagram Marketing For Beginners: A Must-Follow Guide For 2021 & Beyond

Instagram plays a significant role when compared to other social media platforms. That is true for online businesses as they can take advantage of visual-oriented platforms engaging followers. Like Facebook, the platform has developed and evolved by endorsing new features quickly, and it has become more valuable to business people and users. In this article, we will discuss helpful marketing strategies and establish your brand for success.

#1. Set up your Instagram Profile

The first and foremost step to run a business on Instagram is setting up a business profile. If you own a personal account, then you could change it to a business account. Most business people know how to set up an online business profile: you have to include contact details, a well-crafted bio, and a profile photo, maybe a logo. To utilize most of the business account, you will have to include:

• Hashtags: Insert in profile bio by typing a # and the text next to it without space. To outsmart the Instagram algorithm, focus on using branded hashtags which is the perfect choice.

• Clickable links: There are many ways to do this; you can include clickable links to other profiles or your websites by inserting them in your profile description. Suppose you have another profile for a sister company, then you can provide a link to drive traffic there. Or you could also use this space to direct the audience to your account if it fits your brand.

• Highlights: This feature on Instagram lets you save stories to another category, where Instagram places the story at the top of your profile page. It helps you to get more Instagram followers by iDigicThe highlights feature enables you to display certain important content; UGC could highlight a brand's products.

• View Shop Button: Turning on Instagram shopping on your profile lets you add a call-to-action button that directs the audience to the app store.

#2. Create a Content Strategy

Most online active users are present across the Instagram platform. According to a survey, sixty-three percent of users on Instagram use the app at least once a day, investing an average time of thirty minutes on the platform. In thirty minutes, over two hundred million people visit a profile at least once a day.

To get the outcome from the platform, you must know what kind of content performs well. The demographics data on Instagram gives us an understanding of where and how to start. Users love to see any content, including inspiring quotes, product promotion, DIY's or tutorials, and sharing pictures from other users. People expect diversity as they would get tired of seeing similar kinds of posts repeatedly.

Sharing video content is helpful as it lets you provide detailed information to the users. Also, good-quality pictures generally receive automatic Instagram likes that help build brand awareness and boost sales. Keep your videos short. People use their mobiles to access Instagram, capturing videos for up to ten to fifteen seconds.

As the platform is visual-centric, focussing on the aesthetics of pictures and videos is essential. Let us take a look at the type of content that performs best on Instagram:

• Post bright pictures rather than dark ones.

• You could consider an extensive background or white space.

• Pictures with blue color dominance did well compared to red ones. And photos with single color performed over multiple colors.

• Photos with different contrast tend to absorb more likes.

#3. Use Hashtags

Twitter was the one that started the hashtag feature, and it never worked well on Facebook. But, they are the key to marketing on Instagram. By putting a text after the symbol # in a caption, story, or bio, you can transform it into a clickable link. 

While users tap on the link, directing them to a page of content tagged with that hashtag. Users can also follow these hashtags of their interests. It offers tons of content; although users do not follow the post creator yet, they could see content tagged with hashtags. And, it is the perfect way for people on the platform to discover good content and for businesses to help build their brand reach.

#4. Share Instagram Stories

Instagram stories began as a Snap-chat-inspired add-on tool, allowing you to post short-lived pictures and videos with your audience that would vanish after 24 hours. Brand stories have an average completion rate of 86%, which is a great measure by the standard.

You can even enhance your Instagram Stories further by using tools like Adobe’s Instagram Story Highlight Cover Maker, making it easier to create engaging and visually appealing content.

Instagram stories are an essential part of the platform. From stories to story ads, and then highlights where you can save expired stories to live forever. You can use stories to display user-created content, a crowd-puller, and help increase your following. People are more excited to see their content feature on your profile, hence post their content often to let them know that you care. It also acts as a great social proof and saves you from creating content by yourself.


Maintaining a social media network like Instagram is not easy, but the pay-off is well worth it.

The Instagram platform is fun to use, hence take full advantage of it to its full potential and be encouraged to come up with fresh and engaging content.

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