Why Do So Many Celebrities Get Cosmetic Surgery The Wrong Way

Why Do So Many Celebrities Get Cosmetic Surgery The Wrong Way

Many of us look up to our favorite stars and admire their attractive features. In fact, celebrities often inspire non-celebrities to adopt similar hairstyles, makeup and skincare routines, fashion choices and even cosmetic work.

Let's not be naive. Most stars today have undergone some kind of physical alteration to their face and/or body to elevate their status on the Hollywood stage and to points far beyond.

Often, some of these celebrities appear better-looking and younger-looking on the red carpet as the years go by. However, there are also plenty of stars who have gone overboard with a boatload of unnecessary plastic surgery.

How did this happen?

The Pressure To Be Perfect

Both the famous and non-famous feel society's demands in maintaining youthful good looks, and it's especially burdensome on women. They are supposed to be this or that, slender with the ideal breasts and bottom, high cheekbones and a small, straight nose, white dazzling teeth, etc.

Social comparisons are made often, and we see them daily in the form of advertisements that set beauty standards for the general public.

Imagine what it's like for a celebrity under the pressure to be perfect when living in the spotlight.

Social media has made it difficult for famous people to hide. Critics are there to point out even the tiniest imperfections such as crow's feet, stretch marks, a nose bump, back fat and more.

That is when stars reach out to plastic surgeons to tweak this and that and to correct something that isn't quite ideal. Problems start when celebrities cannot quit and end up with cosmetic surgeries overdone.

Seeking Sexy, Aesthetic Trends

A lot of celebrities desire to look a certain way because of popular trends on the aesthetics of beauty. In other words, large, full sensuous lips or a big, curvaceous rear end are something a lot of people envy at the moment.

The stars who have these physical qualities usually garner more attention and can even be hired for a modeling shoot or acting job because they have that million-dollar look that is appealing to many people.

Celebrities face tremendous competition and don't want someone else taking their spot, so they will seek cosmetic surgery to stay at the top of their game and to stand out among their peers.

For instance, some stars may begin with subtle lip fillers in Dallas or fat to the lips for a bigger pout, but as time goes on, they usually go to the next level

. That's called a lip lift, and you no longer need to keep filling your lips. It's a permanent surgical solution designed to shorten the space between the nose and the top of the lip (the philtrum).

A bullhorn lip lift is popular among the Hollywood set these days.

For some patients, it can make mouth movements appear distorted, and then there is the scar. It is very subtle, but it runs along the nostrils in one continuous line from one nostril to the other.

Looking For Empowerment, New Self-Esteem

Celebrities and non-celebrities alike share many common beliefs and thoughts about themselves.

You would think that a famous person would also be blessed with tons of self-confidence, but that is not always the case.

Stars are also looking to boost their self-esteem, and that is another reason they may visit the cosmetic surgeon's office once too often. They get hooked on the feeling.

Clinical Psychological Science published research showing that greater levels of satisfaction, self-esteem and joy are often experienced by patients because of plastic surgery.

The study discovered that those who went under the knife for aesthetic reasons developed higher self-esteem, experienced less anxiety and felt healthier overall. Also, those patients later reported that they were happier with their bodies as a whole and not just the area on which they had cosmetic work done.

Lots Of Money And Resources To Do It

Hollywood's brightest stars have access to the very best when it comes to fashion, nutrition, exercise, makeup, hair and cosmetic enhancement. These celebrities also make a lot of money and can afford to seek the newest and trendiest treatments and surgeries to be one step ahead of all the rest of us.

However, that doesn't always translate to amazing results. Even the finest cosmetic surgeons can deliver cheekbone implants that are too large, dental veneers that do not go with a person's smile, lopsided contours in a tummy tuck, etc.

Some stars demand an extreme makeover, and just because the surgeon is expensive and caters to the rich and famous does not guarantee natural-looking results for every patient.

A dramatic change does not always equal a gorgeous transformation.

Some celebrities have unreasonable requests for their faces and bodies and do not take the time to wisely choose a certain procedure. They may be anxious to look perfect on the red carpet and have plenty of money and resources to get what they want when they desire it.

A reputable cosmetic surgeon will take the time for a thorough consultation to see what the patient is looking for and be totally honest in whether they can help the patient achieve this aesthetic goal.

Cosmetic surgery is a huge industry that is breaking records every year as more and more people seek these elected surgeries. The rise of social media has put everyone on display, and the stigma of having work done is fading away.

There are all levels of aesthetic rejuvenation, and today, cosmetic surgeons have beautifully combined surgeries with non-surgical procedures for attractive and natural-looking results.

Non-famous people can achieve these same beauty plateaus as their favorite celebrities. The key to successful work is in the subtleness. Having realistic goals and a skilled surgeon to carry out the procedure make all the difference.

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