10 Instagram Mistakes That Hinder Your Business Growth

10 Instagram Mistakes That Hinder Your Business Growth

Social media was created mainly to assist society members in communicating with each other regardless of distance. Social media also helps entertain users in different ways. However, the purpose of social media has evolved beyond communication to functions such as business promotion. Over the years, the involvement of social media in marketing strategies progressed slowly but measurably.

However, the pandemic in 2020, which affected the health of humans worldwide, forced most businesses to take new strategic actions to grow their business. One of these actions was including social media in their marketing plans. In 2020, researchers discovered that approximately 3.6 billion people in the world use social media actively. If you run a business, including social media in your business promotion plan will help in customer acquisition.

Instagram is a commonly used social media platform that several businesses use to aid their business growth. On Instagram, you can express your brand ideals by posting image-based content such as pictures and videos to grow your business and earn profits. However, the pathway to Instagram success does not come easy. There are common mistakes businesses make when they use Instagram as their business promotion platform. In this write-up, we share the top ten Instagram mistakes that hinder your business growth.

10 Instagram Mistakes That Stunts Your Business Growth

Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid when Instagram is your marketing platform:

• Posting Without Any Set-Plan

Content creators at essay writer explain that a critical mistake to avoid when using Instagram is posting without a strategy. If you share your posts without a strategy, it is fair to assume that you are taking your business as a hobby. Your posts need to be impactful.

They should convey a message about your business plan to your target audience. You should be aware of your mission, vision and brand ideals before using Instagram as your promotional tool. Awareness of these factors will help tailor your content to thought-through strategic posts. You can employ a social media manager to help promote your content using social media algorithms.

• Poor Quality Pictures

Instagram is a social media platform that feeds the eyes with diverse visual content. The images you share and the captions you use must be top-tier. Most Instagram users that constantly view quality pictures will be put off when they encounter a low-quality photo with plain captions. Post good stuff to attract people into patronizing your business. You don’t need to study photography to post good pictures on Instagram. You can use apps like photoshop to increase your photo quality.

• Not Engaging

Posting quality content is a good thing while using Instagram. However, if such posts are not actively engaging, then your efforts would have been for nought. After posting your products or the services, you have to offer, engage the viewers in the comment section. If your posts have a monologue outlook, new viewers may be discouraged from engaging in your service.

Reply comments and DMs. Treat everyone with respect and be patient with them. You can engage with other Instagram promoters in your niche. Successful interaction can help you promote your business on a wider scale through to help of experienced Insta business users.

• Using The Right Hashtags

On Instagram, your hashtags matter since they put you among key searches. Do not imitate leading Instagram accounts by using a similar hashtag. For instance, if you promote beauty products and use the hashtag "#beauty influencer" as a small growing business, it would not generate traffic. You can't compete with other promoters in your niche with millions of followers by using similar hashtags. Create hashtags that will put your business among top choices when a specific search is inputted on Instagram.

• Weak Bio

Another mistake you should not make on Instagram as a business owner is using a weak bio. The 150 character-pace allowed for a bio should be added to your business strategy. If your thought process is along the strategy axis, then your bio will be more content-oriented. When you are adding your bio, avoid any form of vagueness, so users are not confused. The last thing you want is your viewers getting the wrong idea of the services you offer. Also, avoid adding too much information to your bio. Let it be precise, and be a visible representation of your business mission statement.

• Not Using Instagram Stories Effectively

If you mainly post on the grid and neglect Instagram stories, you are not fully harnessing Instagram features. Instagram story is a feature that allows you to share your story in several posts within 24 hours. You can Instagram to show your target audience "behind the scenes" glimpses of the services you offer. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you can show glimpses of food preparation and even available discounts in real-time. Your stories help in bringing your business closer to your viewers.

• Not Using Your Highlights

As an Instagram business user, strategic use of your highlights section should be among your actions. A grave mistake some businesses on Instagram make is neglecting or not using their highlight section on Instagram. The highlights section shows the content you promote. It is a feature that is about you, your products, your achievements and other useful milestones. If your highlight section is set up properly, a new customer can easily understand the services you specialize in. This will significantly increase the engagement and visibility level of your business account on Instagram.

• Getting Followers the Wrong Way

Some businesses on Instagram want to hit it big quickly and achieve their lofty goals. They use any means to get more followers. They conceive the wrong idea that reaching a high number of followers is the main goal. However, their strategy is faulty. Having a large number of followers does not automatically increase the engagement level of your business. Instagram has evolved over the years and can show how you use the app. It now displays your efficiency and interaction level. These metrics are what companies check out before collaborating with you. So, grow and expand your business the right way, which is through target audience-oriented posts.

• Being Spammy

Most Instagram users despise someone being spammy. Being spammy entails harassing other accounts within your niche for collaboration. Consistently imposing your business on others can be considered spammy. As a growing business, that should be that last thing you do. If you are considered spammy on Instagram, even your built-up engagement level can drop significantly. Also, in your comment section, reply with words and not just emojis. Responding with words verifies your content and gives users an insight into the business you run.

• Inconsistent posting

Last but not least, inconsistent posting should be avoided while promoting your brand on Instagram. It might not be easy to post often on Instagram, so try and develop a method that inspires you to post consistently. Use Instagram Scheduling Tools to plan your daily posting routine ahead of time.  To grow your business significantly, a fundamental factor to take into consideration is constant posting. You can take bulk photos on certain days, edit them and post some of them gradually for a while.

Final words

If Instagram is your main marketing platform, there are certain mistakes you should avoid. This article offers insight into such errors and ways to prevent them.

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