Snoop Dogg – An Influential Icon Of Fashion And The Rap World

Snoop Dogg – An Influential Icon Of Fashion And The Rap World

There are many rappers out there who have a strong impact not only on the music world but also on the fashion world.

One of the rappers whose outfits are stylish with a tint of royalness in it is Snoop Dogg. Although Snoop Dogg will be soon turning 50 but his sense of fashion has led him towards the stage of the fashion world.

Like many rappers, Snoop's closet reflects his personal life and his taste in music. Snoop Dogg's era was jam-packed with baggy jeans, long plaid shirts, cross-color, and trendy jackets. Chunks of jewelry, fur coats, and much more. With popping colors of caps like green, gold, and red that go best with tracksuits and some speculating hairstyles.

How It All Started?

1993 was a tough time in the city of Los Angeles. The time where the city was going through the LA riots. People heard and saw the case of Rodney King who became the symbol of brutality done by the police. The fire of racism grew higher with its flames reaching every corner of LA. 

During these times, the African American community stood against oppression through every means. These people knew government and higher authorities won’t do much so they took it into their hands. They protested against the turbulence using art and in ways, they were aware of.

At these times Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle was released with a purpose to educate people that drugs, money, alcohol, and sex were the only escape from oppression.

As rap slowly became the most dominating force on the culture throughout the mid-'90s, much of the music that originated from West Coast hip-hop anticipated the LA riots. The impact of gang culture on the creation of West Coast rap is undeniable, due to its large distribution.

Here's How Snoop Dogg Influenced the Modern Fashion Industry  

Snoop's finest fashion moments happen when he's just being himself and when he is not trying to copy someone else.

The impressive part is; even his albums undoubtedly set the tone for some of his outfits. He has a lot of fashion sense as a parent, cannabis entrepreneur, scented-candle lover, and cohost of a forthcoming program, which is visible in his clothing choices.

Fans can see him wearing slip-on’s from Gucci, Lakers jerseys for a night out, and much more. Snoop is not afraid to try different fashion styles. You will notice him wearing shower caps instead of hats because he takes every fashion icon with great fun.

He can prove you wrong on so many levels with his fashion sense. The audience has even seen him styling dad cardigan at Vogue’s LA denim dinner - where he presented himself as someone way cooler than others.

One of Snoop’s jackets has hit the market like never before. His lovers can see him appearing on the big screens wearing an alluring jacket – on the set of Go Big Show. Snoop Dogg’s go-big show jacket has grabbed the attention of people all around the world who are pure fashionholics. You can also get your hands on this jacket popping with vibrant and bold colors to make you extra stylish.

It features a standup collar, long sleeves, and front open zipper closure to keep you all trendy. With a vivid image on the front of this jacket - you can compliment your dressing by wearing white pants and neon joggers. So, if you have good music taste and you are in love with some funky colors; this jacket is your choice!

Fashion Show With Joyrich

Joyrich has arranged a fashion show joining hands with Snoop Dogg. It was done by collaborating with Cordell Broadus who was the one behind this mega-plan. The venue was giving weed vibes all over the place where Snoop walked in casually with women around him dressed in blue bandana-print. 

The LA company Joyrich showcased several models giving all 90's vibes of Snoop meeting the modern era. All of them were very well dressed. Both men and women had their hair neatly tied in braids with Adidas sandals instead of some chunky sneakers or neon joggers.

Every article, particularly the jeans, was worn with the appropriate amount of flexibility. It had some classy drawings on it and text graphics, including; gang signs, pictures of Snoop Dogg, and phrases like "Doggystyle," were used on sweatshirts, sweatpants, T-shirts, and even dyed fur coats. The best part is that it will be relatively inexpensive, with costs ranging from $60 to $250. The clothing line is set to debut on Snoop's birthday, October 20th, at Joyrich outlets.

It was not about taking inspiration for the fashion industry from someone who is a member of music culture giving all the strong vibes. Instead, it is about a trendsetter or an icon who is setting a 90's West-Coast culture of hip-hop along with his son giving 100 percent real vibes of the rap world.

G-Star RAW Hardcore Denim

The wizard of the rapping world has signed with a denim brand "G-Star Raw". He has been seen in the "Hardcore Denim" campaign of the brand. In one of the statements, the chief marketing officer of G-Star RAW said that Snoop Dogg has a hundred percent original personality with a class. He knows how to work on himself to reinvent his personality in some truly unexpected ways.

If you are searching for some ravishing celebrity jackets – then have an eye on Snoop Dogg’s wardrobe and you can get a similar yet an imitation of the jackets worn by him. Snoop Dogg has worked with many fashion brands throughout his career – (because his personality is original and that is what his fans support and look for). This realness describes his dignifying personality.


Snoop Dogg has a smooth personality with a stronghold in the music world and fashion industry. He has a great taste in fashion that is visible through all of his outfits. You can too get your hands on all the jackets or outfits worn by him and place your order with a good jacket manufacturing company to give a bang to your fashion spirit!

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