Gluten-Free Healthy Sweets And Snacks For Diwali 2021

Gluten-Free Healthy Sweets And Snacks For Diwali 2021

Diwali is that time of the year when you want to exercise and diet but, as it is the most awaited festival, we are not able to. The festival of Diwali comes once a year, and we want to celebrate it with full joy and enthusiasm. For that, we don’t even care about our health. 

Well, Diwali and sweets go along, and when we are keeping a check on our health, we do not want even Diwali to disturb our diet. But Diwali is the festival when we feast in the best way possible. 

Not just the home is decorated to welcome Goddess Laxmi but, different kinds of sweets and snacks are also prepared to worship her.
Now that Diwali is just around the corner, even you would be looking for Diwali sweets online but, gluten-free, healthy Diwali sweets and snacks are not readily available, and therefore, we will enlighten you about which sweets and snacks you can have this Diwali. 

We know Diwali is an occasion when over fried and sugar items are irresistible but, what if we prepare them in a little healthy way. So, today, let’s have a look at some gluten-free healthy Diwali recipes that you can have for a feast.

Dry Fruit Ladoo

Ladoos are everyone’s favourite, and when we talk about Diwali, we somehow prefer to make dry fruit ladoo to satiate our sweet tooth and to get enough energy to enjoy. Now, don’t use anything as a binding agent. Just soak and stir all ingredients in Ghee and bind them together and they will get along. So, what are your thoughts on this Diwali delicacy? Is it worth devouring? 

Baked Chakalis

You must be thinking that we are joking with you, right? But no, baked chakalis can be made with the same ingredients and dough. Just you need to bake it for 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, and they will be exactly like the deep-fried one. Just no gluten as rice flour will be used and no deep frying. Just a healthy snack to keep health and cholesterol in check. So, are you going to try baking the chakalis?


Cashew nuts are good for health, and we all agree on this point. But have you tried preparing KajuKatli with just three ingredients? Yes, use Kaju, honey and water and prepare this lip-smacking delicacy ready in no time. This would be one of the tasty and healthy delicacies to have this Diwali. Also, with this easy recipe, you can show off your culinary skills, and everyone would love the KajuKatli made by you.

Baked Shakarpara

This Diwali, make Shakarpara with whole wheat flour using little sugar and bake it instead of deep-frying it. Yes, you can bake Shakarpara as well. Just preheat the oven and then keep the Shakarpara for 8-10 minutes for 180 degrees Celsius. These are some of the amazing recipes that you should try preparing for Diwali. Everyone would like it, and as there won’t be any gluten or deep frying, they will be good for health.

Coconut Ladoo

Do you use grated coconut and jaggery for preparing coconut ladoo for Diwali? Well, if not, then start doing it from now. No Khoya you will need to add. Just grated coconut, Ghee, water, jaggery and cardamom and roast it properly. This is one of the delights that we will see during Diwali. Most households love to devour coconut ladoo but, this time just give it a twist and enjoy its raw taste this festive season.

Roasted PohaChivda

Every Diwali, people see their mom or wife preparing PohaChivda but, mostly they deep fry the Poha instead of roasting it. This time, try otherwise and roast the Poha and other ingredients that you add to the Chivda. This roasted PohaChivda will be loved by all, and even you will enjoy preparing it because it is easy, tasty and healthy, of course. So, add this to your Diwali list and devour the variety of flavours it has.

These are some of the sweet and salty delicacies that are healthy, and you should definitely try. We believe our suggestion will not ruin your diet, and you will love to gallop all. Have a great feast this Diwali with these delightful delicacies. Happy Diwali!

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