Technology: App Building Statistics 2021

Technology: App Building Statistics 2021

The user is where phone applications start and finish. The customer experience is what separates a great mobile app from one that flops. You won't be able to completely deploy a valuable app until you understand your target audience's in-app behavior and needs.

It takes more than just downsizing graphics and fitting text on a smaller screen to provide a good mobile user experience. The user experience of your mobile app is made up of things like the simplicity of use, aesthetics, functionality, and more for everyone who uses it.

The functioning of your application also represents your firm's image, customer loyalty, and return on investment. The following are qualities of mobile applications that deliver high customer satisfaction:

  • Helpful: Meet the user's needs and alleviate their pain spots.
  • Functional: It's simple to follow and perform the work you've set out to do.
  • Favorable: Inspire favorable feelings in users.
  • Searchable: It is straightforward to obtain information.

So, what are the similarities between a pleasant consumer experience and smartphone app developments? It's critical to grasp the mobile market and data before investing in constructing or upgrading your mobile phone app. This will help you make wise decisions. Your application will be better suited to handle demands in 2021 if you remain on top of changes and user habits.

Here are a few app development statistics you should be aware of:

The total number of devices

Calculate how many internet-connected devices you & your relatives have. Ready? According to the “Statista” 2018 study survey, there are currently 23.15 billion gadgets in use around the world. It implies that every human being possesses at least three of them. Their overall cost, as per "Forbes," is almost $170 570 000 000. The Internet of Things (IoT) is massive of all gadgets, with a growth rate of 27 percent every year! Machine learning progresses as a consequence. In layman's terms, devices will ultimately know how to act without the need for human intervention.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Now next trend is known as Augmented Reality (AR). Because Apple and Google create the bulk of UI, this tool is commonly promoted. Nowadays, we may play AR games developed by the same firm, such as “Pokemon GO” and “Zombie GO.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) (ML)

Apps that deliver customized offers are made possible by this technology. They understand everything we want since their programs gather data on our associated activities and draw conclusions from them. It can be seen in a range of chatbots that respond to your questions without any need for human participation, or in search results that analyze your demands and narrow the selection to satisfy your desire more quickly.

Angular 4

It's an app designer's programming toolkit. Since JavaScript is the most user-friendly application operating language in the world, Google built it on it. 

Marketing to the masses

Every day, online businesses sell more and more products. As a result, they must upgrade their advertising systems so that they can offer potential clients ads that are more relevant to their needs.

Without having to code, you may create apps on this platform.

To develop software in the earlier times, you needed to be a developer, which may take weeks, months, or even years. Nevertheless, there are now a plethora of software-building platforms available that make it possible to create an application in minutes. The most famous one being, Andromo. 

To build android and iOS apps without coding, you only need to follow three simple steps:

  • Make a project.
  • To add items, visuals, content, and anything else that makes your application stand out, complete out few basic forms.
  • To create your app, simply press a button.

A decent creating program, unlike many app developers, does not feature a preview window where you can see how your application will look while making improvements or adjusting the format. They'll mail you your application after you've finished it. They do not allow the software to be uploaded to the Google Play store. You can make one ad-supported app for free. You can have up to 50 applications and monetize them if you switch to the cheapest plan.


To conclude, these were the app-building statistics that should be focused on in this current year. It is also proved by now that apps can be developed without coding as well.

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