How To Develop Backlinks?

How To Develop Backlinks?

To build high-quality backlinks is in your best interest, and we asked the guys from digital marketing agency Chicago to help us figure out how to do that. How to build backlinks -  Let’s see what exactly you can do to get more high-quality backlinks:

1. Make Linkable Assets because you need to have things on your website that are worth linking to. It could be anything, from a survey to a blogpost and everything in between, but it should make people want to link to you. It should be original and have an outstanding heading.

2. Are you familiar with link roundups? A link roundup is basically a blog made with one purpose only - to link to other websites. Isn’t that awesome? All you need to do is find good ones, and here’s a couple of ways to do that. First, you can simply google a combination of a term that is in your niche, and combine it with the word “roundups” (for example: “make-up products roundups”). Second, if you’re willing to put some more effort into it, you can look for web pages that are outdated and then find sites that are still linking to them. Finally, you can send emails to those sites to let them know they’re relating to something that doesn’t exist anymore and suggest they start linking to you.

3. What about broken link building? This method is the same as the last one but only applies to “404 error” pages. You can easily look them up by googling once again a term from your niche but now combined with one of these: resources/resource site/links. For example, you can search “make-up products links.” After you find broken links, you can email the site owner to let them know about it. Once again, suggest your website as the one that posts regular quality content. 

4. Good old guest posting; yes, it still exists. It’s probably the most effective way for beginners to get more backlinks. You know how this works; you write a post as a guest on another website. Still, keep in mind that you don’t want to write a guest post on just any website, so it’s best to make a good strategy and write for quality sites only. And, choosing an authorized site that is relevant to your niche is once again important here.

5. Send your testimonials to companies whose products you use (and like). They simply love good feedback from their customers, and they’ll want to brag about it. By giving your opinion on something they made, you’ll get yourself a backlink in no time. This works for anyone, but if they find you professional and knowledgeable as well, that’s only a plus!

Final thoughts

Have in mind that keeping backlinks is as important as building them. So, try to keep track of your backlinks. We genuinely hope that this article is enough for you to build backlinks by yourself, but you can seek help from experts if you are still stuck with it.

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