11 Clever Apps You've Probably Never Heard Of

Eleven Best Apps You Must Have Never Heard About

Millions of applications are available across all online platforms for the masses. While some are designed for general purposes like the social media magnets owned by Meta, most others are designed for very specific purposes. 

If you possess a smartphone and are curious to know about apps that are designed to meet some specific needs while working or traveling, then here is a brief overview of 11 apps that are fun, unique, and downright downloadable! 


Do you recall the last time you were on your way to the airport for a business trip and your flight was delayed?

Have you experienced the dismay of a delayed flight during the holiday season when you miss out on a friends' reunion due to the change in time zone?

If you've been in any of these scenarios, the FLIO app is just what you need! This mobile application helps you keep track of all your flight details, airport amenities, and all the information you may need to survive at a new airport. 

FLIO is easily available on Android and iOS too. 


While we are still discussing travel woes, the persistent search for usable restrooms plagues every traveler in a new destination. Even if you're not traveling, you may be looking for restrooms locally. And in that case, the Flush App is here to help.

This travel companion helps you locate toilets with a brilliant interface and fascinating animations. It is easy to use and hosts a database of over 200,000 locations. Though the app has ads, it is still free to use and is readily available on both systems. 


One of the coolest apps on our list is iNaturalist. It is the perfect combination of knowledge and artificial intelligence. While most people focus and try to figure out how they can still use the endless games on airG, you can try the iNaturalist, the airG scam free app, and learn about the wonders hidden in nature. 

INaturalist helps you identify flora and fauna from any visual. It helps you identify the name of the species, their natural habitat, and geographical location on a map as well. 

Whether you are helping your fourth-grader with science homework or are genuinely interested in learning about the interesting bugs and other creepy crawlies in your backyard, then you know where to go. 


Not every app is supposed to teach you something! One can also log in to apps to connect with random strangers to share a random detail about their surroundings. Rando is the software you should use if you want to understand more about these interactions.

The software offers a straightforward UI that allows you to photograph everything and everything. It is preferable to avoid NSFW stuff.

Once your image is uploaded, you will receive an image from a random stranger on a random spot on the globe. This is a picture-sharing wonder that helps everyone learn something new with every interaction. There may not be anything unique about this app, but it definitely offers a chance to let off steam from a sensory overload caused by social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and their counterparts. 


The stock exchange is an exciting environment that keeps you focused and aware in a way that helps you maintain an astute observation about the trades you may proceed with. 

Today, you can encapsulate the wonder and adrenaline-inducing environment within an app on your phone called Robinhood. The difference between Robinhood and other stock trading apps (you can read this related article on apporbit.com) is the ability to invest in exchange-traded funds without trading fees.

 It also allows the user to invest in publicly traded companies. The accessible, modern, and slinky app has a secured framework that connects your bank account with your portfolio. It provides push notifications for your convenience and has no account minimums. Literally, what more could one ask from a trading app?

Also, its available on Apple and Android devices. 


A decade before smart televisions were introduced, people had to time their toilet breaks to the commercial breaks. Now, all you do is push pause and get done with your business. But this customized experience is not available in cinemas!

Imagine you take a gallon of soda with a bushel of popcorn to your seat. And you guzzle down the beverage within the first thirty minutes of the movie. And since you are watching the movie alone, there's no one to tell you what you missed!

What would you do then?

You'll take help from RunPee. A convenient app that helps you figure out the best time to visit the restrooms during a movie. The app also gives you a snippet about the scenes you may have missed to ensure you have an excellent experience, especially now since the cinemas are opening up in full swing post-pandemic.

RunPee is available on Android and iOS.


Are you an ambitious traveler who likes to travel but faces considerable financial constraints all the time? Skiplagged is an extraordinary application that was built to help people like you! 

The app helps travelers plan their travel itinerary around little-known areas to get the cheapest flights possible. It gives you unique experiences along the way and helps you save a few travel bucks, and gives you an interesting experience each time with layovers and quaint charms. 

Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google was designed to help students perform better in school. This AI-based educational app helps you solve complex equations in mathematics and other science subjects. 

It reads the question via a camera scanner and provides step-by-step solutions for free that are far better than one-on-one tutorials! 

And since Google collects these answers from the best sources, you only get credible answers!


When was the last time you lay out in the open air to gaze at the stars?

Budding stargazers have an underrated Android app called Stellarium up their sleeve that can change your life! This smart piece of tech helps you recognize the position of the constellations in real-time. 

You can even track constellations, planets, and other satellites with your GPS. 


Blaring alarms are often snoozed off, but people still wake up to phone calls. Keeping this concept in mind, a team of daring designers created Wakie, your human alarm clock. 

Wakie connects people in a unique relationship that allows them to call one another to wring them out of the grasps of sleep and dreams. The app is easy-to-use and indeed a necessity for those who find it hard to wake with an alarm alone. 

Way of Life

Wake Of Life is transformative software that may assist you in keeping track of all the great changes you are attempting to make in your life.

Based on motivation and accountability, the app helps you keep track of changes with the help of SMART goals. This objective approach works ideally in retaining new patterns of behavior. 

Final Thoughts

Mobile applications can change your life. They can help you change negative habits, foster new habits, and even expand your portfolio! 

There seems to be an endless list of unique apps that are rather impossible to share in a single post. 

The goal of sharing these unique apps is to help you make the most of your time. We hope that this app list will bring at least a little change in your routines! 

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