Moving Bucket List: 5 Things To Do Before Leaving Your City

Moving Bucket List: 5 Things To Do Before Leaving Your City

Moving can be an adventure. Whether you're moving to explore new career opportunities, pursue postsecondary studies, or retire, you'll have chances to explore new sites and meet new people.
Although moving can be exciting, it can also be challenging. Many people struggle with homesickness. Some also have regrets about not exploring their former hometowns. 
You can prevent post-move regrets by creating a bucket list, ensuring you've made the most of your time in your current hometown before you move.

1. Take pictures of your current home. 

You don't have to list your home to sell it. Instead, you can Google "sell my home" and find companies that buy properties directly from sellers.
And if you want to sell it on an urgent note then type "sell my house for cash today" on google to find the best companies that would take no time to get this done.
You'll eliminate realtor fees and expedite the sale process because these companies buy houses in as-is condition and pay fair market value. You can bypass the process of listing your property and vacating it for showings until you sell the house. Instead, you'll get a cash offer, and you can sell your home fast.

Instead of spending months waiting for a potential buyer, home-buying companies let you choose your closing date and offer the option of settling in a week.
A quick sale may be crucial if you've received a work transfer, but you might overlook documenting your current home. Over time, memories blur. If you don't list with a real estate agent, make sure you walk around your house and take pictures of the rooms and exterior before you hand the keys over to a new owner so you can preserve your memories of your old house with photographs.

2. Check out major tourist attractions in your current hometown. 

Every city has tourist sites that attract visitors. People who live in those cities may skip the tourist destinations and overlook opportunities to explore their hometown's rich culture and history.
Before you move, take the opportunity to book ghost tours in Savannah, GA
Ghost tours take people to famous local sites. The tour guides share historical details about the locations and how they became haunted. Your Savannah ghost tour will take you to famous battle sites dating back to the Civil War and Revolutionary War. 
You'll also get a chance to see Colonial Park Cemetery and the Juliette Gordon Low House, reportedly haunted by Juliette's mother.

3. Make time for friends. 

Meet local friends and family members for lunch or dinner or favorite activities. Perhaps you can walk with friends or meet at the local dog park. Let people know you're moving and pencil in time with the essential people in your life so you get a chance to say goodbye. 
You may want to throw a going-away party to ensure you get a chance to visit with coworkers, former classmates, or other friends before moving.

4. Create communication channels to stay in touch. 

Social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A lot of people use social media to stay in contact with friends and family members. 
You can also opt to start a streaming channel on Twitch or create a private chat server on Discord so you can communicate with friends and family members regularly.

5. Visit your favorite places one last time. 

While you're dealing with your home sale and other moving tasks, you might overlook the opportunity to visit your favorite places in your current hometown. Plan to enjoy one last meal at your favorite restaurant or stroll through your favorite park. 
Visit memorable places, such as where you got engaged or the school campus where you earned your degree. Visiting these significant locations gives you a chance to say goodbye and snap some pictures you can take with you.
It's easy to be consumed with critical moving tasks when you're relocating to a new city. Make time to visit significant sites in your current hometown and say goodbye to friends and family members while you're preparing to move.
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