The Emergence of Casino Industry in Africa

The Emergence of Casino Industry in Africa

The online casino industry has seen massive growth in Africa for the past decade and is still thriving. 

The trend is overwhelming in the African continent and more so South Africa.
South Africa is one of the most developed and trending economies in Africa, with considerable transformation and evolution.

A recent casino study indicates a growth in the gambling industry in South Africa. Predominantly fixed costs, strict regulations, and low margins are some of the common factors behind the rise to prominence of the casino industry in the African region. Whether it’s a game slot online, sports betting, or even Bingo, business is booming.

Countries like South Africa are at the forefront of casino growth. Since 2015, the country has enjoyed a sharp gain in gross gambling revenue, also known as the GGR. The revenue rose to around 11.2% that year and saw an average of 6% growth from 2016 to 2020.

Many other nations in Africa have a significant trend in casino growth, with main casino areas with massive growth over the years. Africa is known for specific types of casino gambling; betting, casino gambling, bingo, and the national lottery. Let us have a closer look at each of the categories.

Popular Casino Categories in Africa

Casino Gambling

Online casinos made the most of gambling revenues generated in 2015. At least 70% of all total revenues. Several geographical limitations to casino gambling in Africa through game slot online have paved the way to pass through geographical boundaries. Online casinos are traversing the rural African settlements, especially over the last decade. More than 290 million people in the continent have access to smartphones, thus being an excellent market for casinos like Vegas Aces.

Every year, at least $90 billion in revenue is generated from this market. The big African cities are the most populated and the highest consumers of casino products, both online and offline.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is another form of casino gambling taking root in the African market. Betting is rated the second-fastest-growing gambling sector. The key attribute to this is the government’s legalization of online wagering. Sports betting has risen with the increased popularity of particular sports and acceptance among African punters. The proliferation of broadband and mobile accessibility across the online gaming world boosts the betting sphere.


Bingo may seem to have a nominal growth with low impact in the world of the continent of gambling. In the real sense, it has played a significant role in ensuring the industry flourished while rising in profits and the rising value of online gaming across the continent.

Factors Enhancing Africa’s iGaming Market

Growth and Development

Industry development in Africa is faster than ever. It is visible through online sportsbooks and online casinos across the Africa market. The technological advancement through mobile penetration and fast internet connectivity, 4G and 5G across the rural and urban setups.

Change in Technology

Technological advancement through the iGaming industry in the continent is the most crucial growth mark. South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, and Kenya are technologically advanced nations. These nations have the most insurgence of online casinos.

Internet speed is also a factor to consider. Tunisia boasts of 20mbps, the highest internet speed in the continent. South Africa and Lesotho recently launched their 5G model; the fifth generation is the future of mobile gaming.

Economic Growth

A country’s economic growth earns everything in terms of the growth and development of those nations. Africa economies are highly on the rise with trends in iGaming. The only time the change tripped is in 2020, with high impacts.

Casino gambling is a significant source of disposable income. A growing economy means you can explore the market and use the infrastructure while improving the development of the revision. There is a particular technological achievement, entertaining content.

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