Top Reasons Why You Should Do Facebook Advertising

Top Reasons Why You Should Do Facebook Advertising

Social media is considered the best way for links building, driving engagement, and sharing content.

Any business that wants to get success with its digital marketing strategy should utilize social media platforms.  But if you are only using social media for organic traffic then you are simply missing its full potentials.

 The costs of social ads are very affordable and you can reach more audience base.  And Facebook is the right social platform where you can target an audience by running affordable ads. There are around 2.89 billion monthly active users on Facebook whom you can target and make your customers. The post briefs some reason why you need to advertise on Facebook.

• Facebook offers re-targeting:

Re-targeting is the best way to reach the right audience. This allows you to target users who have used your mobile app or visited your site previously. These users are very familiar with your business and as well as profitable for you. They are more likely to make a new purchase, download your content or start a free trial.

• Facebook ads are inexpensive:

The advertising cost on Facebook is very low when compared to other forms of ads. The cost of advertisement in newspaper and magazines are very high. PPC campaigns are considered most effective but if you are not trained enough and lack experience they can eat your budget very quickly.

Facebook can cost you however but you can limit how much you want to spend. You can stop showing your ad when you hit your budget amount. Your reach will be higher if your budget is more.

• Paid Facebook Live Promotion

Facebook is adding more features for users and pages and live streaming is one of their best after covid situation it is getting more useful.  If you are a small business or big you should use live streaming for your promotion and connect with more audiences. Here is the most popular service training where you can buy live Facebook viewers for your fb stream and make it look more popular. This viewership can make a positive impact on your current audience and make your brand image.

• Help you connect with your target market:

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking sites with 2.89 billion active users. If you are not connecting with people by using this great social media platform, you are simply missing a lot of potential customers.

The popularity of Facebook allows businesses to attract new customers and market them their products and services. Therefore, you should need to take Facebook ad very seriously and should include it in your online marketing strategy.

•  Easy to set up Facebook Ads:

It is very easy task to create a Facebook ad. You just need to select the ad type, define your audience, and then set your timeframe and budget.  This process is very simple and you can customize it easily. You have plenty of options for ad format, bidding, and delivery method.

For example, the pay-per-click ad type on Facebook is much similar to other online ads systems. But Facebook also offers other options such as pay per action, pay per impression, and pay per like.

• Facebook provides useful analytics:

You can easily reach users through Facebook advertising when they may not be in the mode to buy your product or service. Your ads on Facebook may not be effective but this great opportunity for you to improve your brand awareness and nurture your leads.

It is really tough task to measure the success of your Facebook ads. But Facebook makes this process easy by providing you with insights that relate to your goals. Some of the insight may compromise, the way users react to your ads or social ROI.
For instance, you will not only get information about reach, frequency and impression but you will also get data about comments, likes, shares, click-through rates and page likes etc. It provides all these metrics on real-time basis and you can make changes to your ad accordingly.

• Demographic targeting:

Many businesses opt for Facebook advertisement, the main reason behind this is, it offers demographic targeting in a variety of ways. For instance, if you are new in business and do not have any contact list to target then you can start to target new customers for your brand.

There is a wide range of Facebook audiences. You can target people on Facebook based on their advertising abilities.

  Age
  Interests
  Gender
  Location
  Job Title
  Marital status
  Behavior
  Industry

Take Away:

If you really want to expand your reach on social networking channels then you should do advertising on Facebook. Also, Facebook ads are very useful for increasing your brand awareness, leads attracting and converting leads sometimes.
If you have tried Facebook advertising then do not forget to brief your results in the comment section below. Thanks a lot for reading the post completely.

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