10 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microsoft Word That You Should Know So You Can Create Better Documents

10 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microsoft Word That You Should Know So You Can Create Better Documents

Knowing the advantages of Word is indispensable for studies and work. Why? We are constantly preparing reports, letters, invitations, articles, or other types of documents and one of the most popular text programs used for these tasks is Word, so, possibly, at some point, you will need its help.

Ready to discover more than ten advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Word, highlighted through the experience of the wowessays writers.? Let's go for it!

What is Word for?

We know you want to know the advantages of Word and its disadvantages, but are you clear about what this program is for? It is one of the text programs most used by people to develop various tasks or school, work, or other documents. 

"Word is a computer program that performs the function of a word processor, that is, with it you can create, read, edit and save texts created by you or by someone else," says the Prixz page in one of its notes.

The work done in Word is mainly based on the writing of texts. However, to prepare your document optimally, it is possible to accompany these texts with other elements, images, etc. 

Now that you know the primary function to create and edit texts, we will tell you a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of Word. 

Advantages of Word

Now that you are more precise about the function of this Microsoft program, which is very popular for creating texts, we will tell you a little more about the advantages of Word so that you can get the most out of it. 

1. Variety of customization options 

The first advantage of Word that we have considered in our list is the wide variety of options for customizing your documents. Whether you want to give it a more formal or dynamic style, you can do it without any inconvenience, using the various tools and functions provided by the program.

Some of the Word customization functions you can use are the following:

• Adding watermarks
• Vary document margins
• Change the font color and typeface
• Modify text alignment
• Adding effects and borders to images
• Insert headers or footers
• Modify page orientation, etc. 

2. Spell checker

Another of Word's advantages that you can take advantage of is the spell checker, since the document indicates, through the use of a red line, all those misspelled words so that you can review them, correct them and thus obtain a cleaner and well-written document. 

Likewise, some corrections are made automatically, while others require an evaluation to correct the spelling mistakes that may have occurred throughout the file. 

3. Provides automatic word count

This advantage of Word is beneficial for those studying, working, or having to send a document with a maximum number of words since the software tells you the number of terms contained in the paper as you write it. 

In addition, the update is automatic, so during any editing of the document that involves an increase or reduction of words, you will be able to see it at that very moment.

Imagine you are at university, and you are asked to write a file with a minimum of 2,500 words. With the Word program, you will be able to know the exact number of words in your document without having to go to the tools menu or use an external program since the count appears at the bottom of the paper.

4. Possibility of inserting different files

Among the advantages of Word, you will also find the possibility of inserting several files in the document. In this way, you will have the opportunity to do more dynamic work that is not only based on text, but you can also add images, videos, tables, graphs, etc. 

In addition, you can accompany these files with elements such as arrows, clouds, etc. Explore all the options offered by the software and develop interesting documents, enhancing the content for the various purposes that require it. 

5. Protection against editing

Possibly, one of Word's most valuable advantages is the protection against editing. Sometimes, whether we are working or studying, we need to share our documents with other people because they need to review them or because they need to know the information included in them.

But sometimes, we may not trust the people to whom we send our document, so we are afraid that they may alter it casually or intentionally. To avoid this, the Word program provides us with an ideal alternative. 

Microsoft Word allows you to restrict the editing of your file so that those who receive it cannot make any modifications. To activate this alternative, you only have to go to the "Review" button in the menu and click on the "restrict" option.

6. Catalog of Templates or Themes

The last advantage of Word that we have compiled for our list is the library of templates or themes offered by this popular word processing program. It provides you with a variety of options that you can select based on different categories such as:

• Curriculum
• Infographics
• Cover letter
• Organization charts
• Education 
• Prospectuses
• Cards
• Company, etc.

These pre-established designs that it offers will allow you to save time and money and get you out of some trouble in the development of diverse types of texts.

Disadvantages of Word

You already know some of the advantages of Word. However, as with any program or digital platform, not everything is rosy because it also has some disadvantages that we consider necessary for you to know. We have compiled each of the points in a list that we will present below. 

1. High subscription costs

Although it is true that the subscription is intended to be an advantage of Word, since it offers you additional benefits and functions.

The truth is that the high cost of this premium option represents more of a disadvantage for consumers, who often are not willing to pay high prices, so they look for other options of programs to write texts.

2. Limited fonts

Word's font catalog is not very wide, or the options are not the best, so sometimes users need to access external programs or platforms to download fonts that match their work, whether invitations, presentations, etc. 

3. Incompatibility with other programs

Another disadvantage of Microsoft's text program is its incompatibility with external editors or programs. If you work in any of these platforms and then want to open your file in Word to view or edit it, the document will be affected because the interface is incompatible. 

This may cause some elements of your documents to be altered, or you may not be able to view your file. 

4. Layout errors

One of the benefits of Word is the excellent customization level since you can edit the document to meet the needs or specifications you have been given. However, there is an issue: some of the items you put to your document may be misconfigured from one edition to the next.

So, suppose you worked in the Word 2007 version, but you need to open your document on another computer with the 2019 version. In that case, most likely, the document's content will move, so integrating it again becomes a very tedious task. 

5. It does not reveal the codes

The last disadvantage of Word that we have compiled for our note is the code view. In Microsoft's software, it is very complicated to know the exact coding of the content found in the file, which generates complications to solve or eliminate some problems. 

Super! We have reached the end of the note, and we are sure that now that you know more about the advantages of Word and its disadvantages, you will be able to take better advantage of each tool to develop incredible texts.

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